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Fit to Print    .   Summer 2017    .    Volume 26 Number 2

Here We Go Again…

If It’s Summer Then We Must Be Upgrading

In the Good Ol’ Summertime

Speaking strictly for me the best season if the year is nigh upon us. I’m referring to Summer, of course. And we have an exciting one planned for you. Once again we’ll be upgrading our facilities. Some of it will be hard to notice until you get on the machine. For example, you’ll be seeing the newest generation of the Expresso Bikes, with new courses, expanded interactive games, and now, cycling classes on demand. Cool! We’re also upgrading all of our Precor AMTs (adaptive motion trainers) to their latest and greatest model. But the most and interesting new piece of equipment has to be the True Total Body Press (pictured above – here’s a video). This is one of True Fitness’s all-new Composite Strength series, featuring what they are calling Composite Motion® Technology. The composite motion equipment allows you to perform functional exercises such as those you might do in a boot camp or CrossFit style workout but with more controlled movement patterns for a safer and more effective workout experience. This is cutting edge stuff, and potentially the future of plate loaded exercise equipment. All of this is coming this summer, which by itself would be a lot. But there’s more…

Yoga Goes Infrared

As part of an overall upgrade to the Yoga Studio, we will be installing graphite Infrared Heating Panels in the yoga room ceiling. This may not seem like a big deal, but infrared heating is a revolutionary approach to warm and hot yoga. Think of standing outside on a warm sunny day – remove the light from the sun and keep the heat. That’s infrared. It’s the safest and most effective form of heating the body. Infrared heats objects, not the air, thus making it comfortable to practice even the hottest yoga. It also provides a host of health benefits, increasing circulation and helping the body’s natural processes to eliminate waste, lactic acid, and environmental toxins. On top of that, Infrared Heat is an emerging therapy for a multitude of health issues, including arthritis, pain reduction, skin disturbances, cellular reproduction, sleep issues and more. All while you practice yoga. Moreover, we’ll be able to set heating schedule so that the heaters go on – and off – on a preset schedule. No more waiting for the room to heat up or cool down. On top of all that, the studio environment will be getting a complete makeover, designed to enhance your overall mind-body experience. It’s all coming this summer. Click here to learn more. And watch for further announcements.

The Envelope Please…

The twelfth edition of “The Contest” is in the history books, and it’s time to unveil the winners. This year we evaluated the teams using the STYKU 3D Total Body Scanner, a nifty new tool that spins you around on a platter and plots your complete body circumferences in a matter of seconds. It also measures your body fat and assesses your health risks, among other things. It provided our Fantastic Four contestants with the most objective set of measurements we’ve used to date. The results were, well, fantastic. Meet the winners (L to R):

Don Hoffman*
Rajeev Malhotra
Scott Broderick
Daanish Arora

Trained by: Eileen Jacinth
*Also the individual champion

These boys racked up 10,000 Rewards Points on the FI mobile app. Not too shabby. Even more rewarding, they cumulatively dropped 128 pounds and 25% of their total body fat – almost an entire contestant! Dub them The Fantastic Three!

Congratulations to all that participated. You’re all losers, and by that, I mean winners. To see the full results, visit our web page:

What Would You Do For One Million Reward Points?

Actually, it’s only a thousand, but it’s still a great deal. Simply switch your monthly membership installment payment from credit card to direct debit (EFT). You do that, and we’ll drop 1000 reward points on your account. Just stop by the desk and say, “I want to switch to EFT.” They’ll do the rest. Easy!

Summer Schedule

The Summer class schedule goes into effect on Sunday, June 25th. You can get the latest version on our mobile app, or by going to our website:

Summer with Kelly!

Kelly is adding another Power X session Mondays at 8:15 am starting June 26th. This is in addition to the Wednesday evening session at 5:30 pm. Get your summer dose of Kelly and Power X!

The Spa Finds It’s Zen

The Spa has migrated to a new management software package called “Zenoti.” We consider this a huge upgrade that will allow us to better serve you, particularly with regard to booking online. As part of the migration to the new software, we moved over all of our customer’s data, with one exception: credit cards. This was done, or should I say not done, to protect your security. Therefore, when you book with us, you’ll need to give us your credit card information. You’ll also be required to create a new account with us the first time you book online. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we believe the improvement in your spa booking experience will be well worth it. Thanks for your patience during the transition.

This is It: Our Last Print Issue

Fit to Print started out way back in 1993 as a little 4-page newsletter (see photo). Since then, it’s grown into the 32-page monster you’d typically be holding in your hands right now. Now it’s about to metamorphosize into a strictly online publication. There are several reasons for us to make the change. For one, the limitations of print have never been felt so acutely as they are today. We have a lot of virtual content – videos, photos, web pages, and websites – that we simply can’t include or do justice to in the print edition. The online version will allow us to expand our content to include all of the above and more. It’s also become pretty expensive (and slow) to produce 6000 copies of a 4-color 32-page magazine. So we’ll not only be able to produce more content, we’ll be able to reach more members more often, whether they be of the past present or future variety. We’ve been experimenting with an easily readable, mobile friendly format (yes, you’ll be able to read it on your phone or tablet) to publish the online version of the newsletter, and we’ll be rolling it out simultaneously with the publication of this, our last print version. You can view it here: Please let us know what you think – we’d love to hear your feedback.

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