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Dawn Cycling

Dawn Moore

Dawn Moore has cycled with Fitness Incentives since 2010. She is a Mad Dogg, Keiser, and Schwinn-certified Cycling Instructor.

Dawn has worked for Verizon Communications for 25+ years and decided to become Cycle-certified in 2008 after having the desire to listen music other than what I was hearing played all the time. The second ride I ever put together was my infamous disco ride. I grabbed my lighted party ball on the way to class as a gag just in case people hated it and the rest was history.

My goal isn’t to work people to death, it’s to have a dance party on a bike with a mock water cocktail and at the end of the ride, you realize I worked you to death. Why can’t you have fun while you do that?

Words to live by: “Climbing hills to hip hop music!”

Favorite artist: I’ll ride to nearly anything even what people don’t expect from me.

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