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“It’s 3:45 am. My eyes open, and I’m ready to go! I know what you’re saying  – why so early? What is she doing? She must be crazy!”
  • Corinne Brown
L to R: Alana, Regina, Caroline, Cor & Sharon

With a Little Help From My Friends

It’s 3:45 am. My eyes open, and I’m ready to go! I know what you’re saying  – why so early? What is she doing? She must be crazy! That’s just me being me. My body wakes up naturally at that time; I’m guessing it’s because I’ve been doing it consistently for so many years.

And it works for me. I’m at my best in the early hours, sharp-minded and energetic. The wee hours are when I do the books for our businesses, the laundry, cleaning, baking, or prep the evening’s meal.

Group Two…

Around 5 am, my friends arrive for our walk.  It’s a more-or-less steady group that I adore, sometimes one and occasionally up to seven people, including kids – one, believe it or not, an 11-year-old who has more energy and enthusiasm than most adults I know. A future FI instructor for sure!

Some in this group have to get back to my house by 6 am, where we meet with a second group of friends who don’t have to be at work till 9,  and we continue to walk for another hour to an hour and a half.  We trek in any weather: wind, rain, snow, blizzards –  I mean it! We take the postman’s creed seriously. The time we spend is priceless; we laugh, cry and talk about anything and everything; it’s like a therapy workout.

L to R: Tracie, Regina, Cor, Sharon & Mary

So Ready!

When I get home, I’m so ready to conquer the rest of my day! My husband gets up, we have breakfast, almost always together, and discuss the day’s events. Then I’m off to FI to teach my class (or classes) which is my passion.  I find the walking helps me be a better instructor; it clears my head, relaxes me, invigorates my mind, my body, and even my soul. It enables me to be more effective in everything I do and be a better instructor to all my loyal students.

Try It – You’ll Like It!

I recommend you make walking a weekly routine, and it can be done at any hour that works for you.  You’ll be amazed how your body responds and sets you up for the best day.  Shoot for consistency – as with anything worthwhile, to get the greatest benefit, you must do it regularly.

If you have any questions, please approach me at the gym, and I will be happy to share more on the subject.

Why I Walk

I am always happy and excited to go on ‘the walk.’ Wait…that is not entirely true. There are mornings when I feel too tired or just plain lazy. I might look at the weather to realize it is freezing or raining or snowing or ridiculously hot. Regardless of any of the above, there is never a day I would regret these outdoor walks. Maybe it is the joy of seeing picture-perfect sunrises or treelined streets filled with untouched snow (albeit during a blizzard). Perhaps it is the social interaction or laughter-filled conversations with friends, both old and new. Other benefits consist of great recipes, shopping tips, decorating ideas, restaurant suggestions, the list goes on. There is never pressure, but the central motivator is Cor. You can always count on her; she is always ready and willing to walk. The added bonus is you are actually exercising and getting stronger. So yes, happy and excited is how I always feel after the walk. I highly recommend walking to anyone.; do it with friends, and the miles will fly by. Your mind and body will thank you.

  • Cheryl Rooney

Cors Walking Corps Includes…

Jenn Di Palma, Christine Reilly, Mia Flannagan, Sharon Donnelly, Mary Nowartarski, Cheryl Rooney, Alana Matzen, Marie Schwarz, Lena Schwarz, Theresa Christensen, Regina Forcino, Tracie Shorr, Kathleen Durante, Jean Coolbaugh, Caroline Forcino, Rob Schwarz, Eric Schwarz, Jackie Nicoforo

I Love You All!

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