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Fit to Print    .   Autumn 2017    .    Volume 26 Number 3

This Just In…

The new HD Expresso experience.
The new HD Expresso experience.

It never gets old at Fitness Incentive…

You may have heard that before, perhaps a dozen or more times. You may even have a tee-shirt with that slogan emblazoned on it. It’s never been more fitting than it is right now. It’s been a busy summer at FI. If you’ve been away enjoying yourself and are just returning, let me bring you up to date…

Yoga Studio Upgrade – Complete!

Let’s start with the Yoga Studio. Our little center of semi-serenity got a complete re-do, including a new more modern color scheme, expanded and updated equipment storage, and a brand new ceiling. Most exciting of all, embedded in that ceiling are 30 infrared heating panels that are designed to take the room to 100+ degrees ( or temperature you desire) quickly and comfortably. If you’re not familiar with infrared heat, it’s so much the current rage that they are using it in saunas. We have it in our Yoga Studio! Pretty cool (or should I say, Hot!) The benefits are many. Infrared heat is the safest and most effective form of heating the body. Infrared heats objects, not the air, thus making it comfortable to practice yoga as well as allowing for enhanced circulation and helping the body’s natural processes kick in to eliminate waste, the buildup of lactic acid, and environmental toxins. Here’s more on infrared from Live Strong and our panel manufacturer, Yoga Panels:

If you’ve never tried Yoga (or Pilates) this a great time to take the plunge. If you’re a seasoned yogi, prepare to get your om on.

Ten New Treads Too!

Ahhh – Alliteration can be fun, right? So are our brand spanking new Precor Treadmills. If you’re not paying attention, you might miss them because they replaced ten not-so-old somewhat similar looking Precor Treadmills. Ah, but the new ones are, well, newer. And better! For starters, the deck is much lower to the ground, and the running surface is wider, making them easy to get on and stay on. Which is nice. They also boast an improved progressive shock absorption system that absorbs high impact movements and supports a solid and controlled push off. And their patented motor drive system fully complements your natural running stride, reducing joint stress and fatigue. Finally, to keep your mind as entertained as your feet, they have the most advanced touchscreen console out there, featuring their Preva entertainment system. The screens are similar to a high-end smartphone, with a simple, intuitive interface that will keep you engaged and entertained as you workout. They’re here, and they’re ready for you!

Plus a Bunch of Other Stuff…

And that’s not all. We also replaced all of our Expresso cycles with the latest and greatest models. These feature all the stuff you loved about the old ones, but more. More routes, more interactive games, and there are even virtual on-demand cycling classes that you can join. They’re the best version yet of an already great, unique product.

Speaking of never letting it get old, all of our very popular (and not very old) Precor AMT’s were also replaced by the newest models. Like the treadmills, they’re easy to miss, because they look very much like the old units. But they’re better in just about every way. You’ll find them waiting for you in the rear cardio deck.

And then there’s something completely new and different. Something we’d never seen before. So we had to get one for you! It’s the True Total Body Press, and there is nothing else like it. Admittedly, it looks a little intimidating, and it takes a couple of tries to get the feel of it, but once you do, it’s an experience like nothing you’ve had before. It reminds me of the Swing Squat in that it does something that has always been part of fitness in a completely new way. Use it, and you’ll be able to target just about any area that interests you – core, legs, shoulders. It rethinks some of the same movements that you’d do in a boot camp or CrossFit workout but tames them by putting them on a user-controlled path. Just as effective, but safer to perform. Anyway, don’t be intimidated! Give it a try. You may find it becoming a challenging part of your workout routine.

Odds and Ends

For those keeping score at home, we also replaced the carpets in both the Spa and the Big Aerobic Studio (twice, in fact, as they delivered the wrong carpet the first time!).  And if you venture back into the depths of the spa, you’ll also notice a sweet little upgrade in both the laser treatment and massage rooms – new tile floors, new colors, new everything. Lastly, we changed our Spa Management software to better handle your online appointment needs and overall communication.

I think that covers it. Whew!

Oh yeah – we got a new roof. We can’t take credit for this, as it wasn’t our doing; it was courtesy of our landlord. Hopefully, that will mean a lot fewer brown water stains on our ceiling tiles going forward.

Fall Class Schedule Started 9/17/17

Phone Schedule

The Fall Class Schedule has a ton of changes, hopefully to your liking (Although we work hard at getting it right, past experience suggests that one or two people will be upset about some part of it!) There are actually way too many to go over here. My suggestion is to download the mobile app (links below) to get the most up to the minute version. Or you can visit our website:

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Fit to Print Autumn 2017
Fit to Print Autumn 2017
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