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“While it’s normal to overindulge a little during this time of year, I have a few tricks and tips to keep your fitness on track and still enjoy the holidays with your loved ones.”
  • Jackie Niciforo

Five quick tips to help you stay on track during the Holidays!

With the holidays quickly approaching, many of my clients find it hard to stay on track.

The holidays should be a time to unwind and spend time with friends and family. Some of my clients find it stressful because they want to do this and keep all the progress they made in the prior months. However, gaining a substantial amount of weight in just one day of overindulgence is highly unlikely. We all know it’s not usually just the one day; the Friendsgiving and work holiday parties find us stressing about overeating. While it’s normal to overindulge a little during this time of year, I have a few tricks and tips to keep your fitness on track and still enjoy the holidays with your loved ones.

Tip #1- Bring a healthy dish!!

If you are worried your event or party may not have any veggies or
nutrient-dense dishes. Prepare something ahead of time, like a salad or just a healthier option, so you can guarantee there is something there for you with a little less guilt. I’ve attached some healthy options below!

Tip #2- Prioritize your plate!

What I mean by that is trying to fill your plate with proteins, carbs, fats, and some kind of vegetable (most likely the delicious dish you prepared above). Then, when it comes time to eat, make sure you fill up on proteins first, then your veggies, then your fats, and save your carbs for last. Eating this way should help with that over-full and bloated feeling we often get from possessed, non-complex carbohydrates. It will also stop you from filling up on carbs first and not getting other more important nutrients from the meal.

Tip #3- Go for a walk after dinner!

Sitting around after a large meal can make you feel bloated and tired. Going for a walk can help with digestion, lowering your blood sugar and a lot of the sluggish feeling you get after a large meal. Even a quick 10-15 minute walk can be beneficial.

Tip #4- Wait 15 minutes before you go up for seconds.

Take your time with your meal. Sometimes, letting your body digest after a large meal ensures you’re satisfied and don’t need to go up for seconds or even thirds. Giving yourself a little time to digest may be all you need.

Tip #5 – Politely decline leftovers.

If you know yourself and know that the second and third-day leftovers are where you tend to overindulge. Then just politely decline and don’t even give yourself the option of having it in your home for another few days where you might be tempted to indulge. Or if you are someone like me who can’t resist the sweets table, that’s where the leftovers may get you in trouble. Decline those as well.

Remember, the holidays are supposed to be a time of joy. Try to be present and try not to stress over the large meals!

Healthy side ideas

Happy Holidays! 🙂 🎄 🦃

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Jackie Niciforo

Jackie Niciforo is a Certified Group Exercise Instructor and Personal Trainer at Fitness Incentive.

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