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Be Considerate Of Your Fellow Members

A Few F.I. Reminders


Some Basic Guidelines…

…that will help everyone get the most out of Fitness Incentive:

Do not make or receive calls on cell phones.

Using your cell phone to make or receive calls on the gym floor or in the locker room is distracting to and inconsiderate of your fellow gym members.  If you must use a phone while you are here, please use your phone in the front vestibule.

Wipe down all machines.

Wipe down all machines when you are finished with them.  There are several paper towel dispensers and disinfecting spray located throughout the gym.  Please use these supplies to wipe down the cardio machines (please do NOT spray directly onto the cardio machine console, as this can damage the electronics) and the seats and handles of the strength training equipment.

Re-rack your weights and put all equipment back where it belongs.

Do not drop your weights when you are finished with a set. Return all weights, dumbbells, and barbells to their proper places when you are finished.  Re-rack any plates that you may have used during your workout. Please do not rest any equipment such as weights or plates against the walls, windows, or mirrors.

Never “Save” Equipment or Machines. Share the gym equipment.

“Saving” machines or equipment for yourself or others (for example, by placing water bottles, clothing, electronic devices, etc. on them) to reserve them when they are not actively being used is disrespectful of your fellow members and against club policy.
Machines and equipment are available to all members equally on a first come, first served basis, and members must be present and the machine or equipment in active use for usage claims to be valid.
“Working in” is a phrase you may hear used by another member or an FI Personal Trainer. This simply means that they are asking your permission to use the same equipment that you are using while you rest between sets. Whenever possible, please honor requests to “work-in,” and feel free to ask others to allow you to “work-in” as well.

No food or beverages in workout areas.

Do not bring any food or beverages, except bottled water or sports drinks, into workout areas and studios. Please dispose of all your litter, such as used paper towels and water bottles.

Do not enter a class that is already in progress.

This is distracting and potentially dangerous to both yourself and the students in the class. If you are waiting for the next class, please wait outside the classroom until the class has ended and the students have had an opportunity to exit the room before you enter.

Do not take more equipment than is needed.

There is almost always enough equipment for everyone. If there is not, speak to your instructor. We are committed to insuring that there is sufficient equipment for all members. Hoarding equipment is unnecessary and can create an artificial shortage.

Turn off the treadmill.

Turn off the treadmill when you are finished  BEFORE you step off of it.  It is dangerous to exit a running treadmill or to leave a running treadmill unattended. If you have to leave the treadmill for any reason, please make sure it is not running while you are away.

Keep personal conversations to a minimum during classes.

Talking during the class is distracting to your fellow members. Try to stay focused on the class and the instructor and save your conversations for afterwards.

Personal effects (shoes, purses, jackets, etc.).

Personal effects should be stored in lockers or cubbies.

Refrain from heavy scents.

Avoid wearing heavy colognes and perfumes, as well as strong-smelling hair and body sprays.

If you are ill, please stay home!

Fitness Incentive is your gym and you are encouraged to take full advantage of everything we offer, but if you are sick and/or contagious, please, out of consideration for your fellow members and F.I. staff, stay home. Visiting F.I. when you are unwell exposes others to pathogens and spreads illness.

When in doubt, please follow the golden rule!

Don’t do anything you wouldn’t want done to you. Simple common courtesy will avoid most problems and help to make everyone’s gym experience safe and enjoyable.

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