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It’s Time To Heat Things Up!

Join Linda Cunningham This February For Infrared Hot Pilates
Hot Pilates Workshop

Infrared Hot Yoga: A 4-Week Program

Hot Pilates is taught in a 80-90 degree room. This interval training workshop combines cardio flow with muscle toning to keep your heart rate up and help you burn fat. Sculpt your body and create long lean muscle mass while strengthening your core and reshaping your body.

Fridays 9:30am
February 5th, 12th, 26th and March 5th
Pre-registration required  – $125 fee
Limited to 10 people

Did you know that Fitness Incentives Hot Yoga and Pilates classes are heated with INFRARED HEAT? Did you also know that Infrared heat has been proven to IMPROVE IMMUNE SYSTEM FUNCTION!? Infrared rays are known to boost the immune system by increasing the number of white blood cells and T cells. This improved immune system function promotes healing throughout your body, reduces muscle tension, soreness .

Visit the Front Desk to reserve your spot.

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