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“What else can I do to help me attain my goal?” That question would be asked of myself every single day…

Erik Borenstein

…and the BEST is what you’ll have.

Training for a world record is simply a mindset; “Do one more thing every day that will bring you closer to your goal.” You can truly attain anything you wish to by simply TRYING.

As for myself, I started training on a whim after competing and winning in a pull-up competition with a few hundred competitors; this sparked my interest. Although I won the event, I ended up missing the most pull-ups ever done on stage by 3. Now it was ON; I would train every day to increase my back arm and core strength to complete as many pull-ups as I could till failure.

There is no such thing as second place in my mind; That is the mentality needed to truly push yourself to your limits. Comfort zones become nonexistent. “What else can I do to help me attain my goal?” That question would be asked of myself every single day, and I wouldn’t stop till I was FINISHED.

Take your time, find a goal that speaks to you, and do one more thing each day to help you get closer to it. If weight loss is your goal, add one more healthy meal to your diet. If strength is your goal, challenge yourself with a little more weight on each set. All these things help to nurture a healthy and prosperous life.

Not everything needs to be an attempt at breaking a world record, but every action does need to be defined in one way or another. Creating a goal and actually reaching for it is one of the best things anyone can do for themselves. I look at it this way; If you dedicate 40+ hours of your life to a career every single week…whether you want to go or not…the least you can do is dedicate 30 to 45 minutes of your day to better yourself, not only physically but mentally.

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Erik Borenstein

Erik Borenstein

Erik Borenstein is ISSA-certified with a degree in Kinesiology and Physical Science. He has been featured in Nike athletics and is a 4-time NPC body building middle weight competitor, as well as top finisher in the Long Island Strong Man competition.

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