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“We all know that having a good healthy pre-workout meal is essential to fuel you through your workout, but your post-workout meal can be equally important.”

 – Kristen Napolitano

What’s New and Good in the Cafe

When we reopened the Skylite Cafe six months ago, we wanted to make it the perfect place to get pre- and post-workout snacks. We spoke with many of the trainers to get their recommendations and stocked up accordingly. Our cafe may look a little different than it did before COVID, and it isn’t by accident. We thought long and hard before deciding what to offer, and there was a science (literally) to our madness.

Good Carbs. Yes, Good.

For a long time, carbohydrates received a bad rap, but science shows eating a high-carbohydrate snack before working out will fuel your workout and help you build muscle. Carbs help replenish glycogen, which provides energy for your muscles. If you ask our trainers what their favorite pre-workout snack is, most would say the Mush. Mush is ready-to-eat oats made with clean ingredients that give you natural energy. There are eight flavors, one of which you’re bound to love.

Pretty Darn Perfect.

Another trainer favorite is the Perfect Bar. Perfect Bars are, well, “perfect,” either before or after your workout as a high-protein snack made from whole food sources. Perfect Bars offer a hefty dose of vitamin and mineral-dense nutrition thanks to 20+ organic superfoods in each bar.


If you are ready to start your workout but need an energy boost after a long day, we have you covered. A Celsius drink from the fridge has 200mg of caffeine made from green tea, seven essential vitamins, with no added preservatives and no aspartame. It is the perfect way to energize your body and accelerate your metabolism before a workout.

Come Sail Away

If you would rather stay away from “energy drinks,” we have also partnered with Sail Away coffee. Their cold-brewed coffee is organic and less acidic than regular coffee. If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself next time. We bet you’ll love it as much as we do. We have it both on tap or in cans! You can even make it the base of a shake for a little caffeine pop with your protein shake.

And, Of Course, Protein!

We all know that having a good healthy pre-workout meal is essential to fuel you through your workout, but your post-workout meal can be equally important. Consuming protein directly after a workout ensures your muscles have enough fuel to heal. This can reduce cramps and pains and boost strength and muscle mass. Here at the Skylite Cafe, you can create the perfect post-workout protein shake! Our trainers have helped develop a menu of signature protein shakes (and what they drink daily), but you can also customize a shake in any way you would like. Trust me, the possibilities are endless.

We offer two of the most highly regarded protein powders on the market: Optimum Nutrition 100% Gold standard whey or Garden of Life Vegan Raw protein powder. They pack 24g and 22g of protein, respectively, and are the perfect base for any post-workout shake. Make your shake extra nutritious by adding in super greens, collagen, or even matcha. If you need a boost in fiber in your diet, you can add chia or flax seeds. With three different types of fruit and 10+ add-ins, the Skylite cafe has everything you could possibly want to make your post-workout shake both healthy and delicious!

Seasonal Shakes, Too!

If you’re looking to put a little merry into your post-workout mood, try one of our holiday seasonal shakes. We’re featuring two delicious treats: Mocha Peppermint Pow! and Shuga Cookie. They taste geat, and, best of all, they’re loaded with goodness. Plus, they’re 10% off in December!

Happy Holidays from the Skylite Cafe!


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Kristen Napolitano

Among her many roles, Kristen Napolitano manages the Skylight Cafe at Fitness Incentive

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