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Fit to Print    .   Holidays 2017    .    Volume 26 Number 4

What a Year That Was!

Every once in a while you need to stop, draw a deep breath, and take stock. This, apparently, is one of those times. How cliched, you might say, and I can’t argue. It’s the end of the year, after all, the time for best of lists and other exercises in looking back. So feel free to label me “predictable.” Nonetheless, the past 12 months have been anything but, even by our standards. Even at Fitness Incentive, where we pride ourselves on perpetual re-invention and on living up to the Best of Long Island title you ten-times bestowed upon us, this recent upheaval is unprecedented.

Let us recap the Top 12, er, make that 14 innovations of the past 12 months…
14. True Alpine Runners
13. Complimentary “Session One” training session for all members
12. Netpulse Mobile App Upgrade with Rewards and Referrals
11. Additional Concept 2 Rowers
10. True Total Body Press
9. New Precor Treadmills
8. New Cybex Treadmills
7. New Precor EFX’s
6. New Precor AMT’s
5. New Expresso Cycles
4. Octane Zero Runner
3. Styku Total Body Scanner (and the Fantastic 4 Contest that used it)
2. Matrix Climbmills
1. Yoga Room Makeover with FAR Infrared Heating Technology

That’s a lot to digest, and it’s not an exhaustive list. For example, we also replaced the carpet in the Main Group-Ex Studio, which probably impacts more members every day of the week than any other change. Crazy.

The list is a mix of upgrades to existing equipment and the introduction of some completely new, and may we add “way cool” innovations. The Octane Zero Runner and the Styku Total Body Scanner clearly fall into category two – way cool. The Zero Runner looks like a mechanical exoskeleton designed to augment your human legs. While you’re running on it, or perhaps in it is a better way to think of it, you’re like a temporary cyborg, capable of running while not actually putting your feet on the ground. Zero impact is thus obtained, allowing runners who thought they had run their last mile to experience the joy of running again.

As for the Styku; well, could there be a worse name for such a cool machine? Stand still and take one spin around the platter and voila, your entire body has been scanned, measured and stored. In the past year, several hundred of you have taken the ultimate selfie – 3D Styku. We were so impressed with it, we used it to score last year’s Fantastic Four Contest.

One new machine that walks the line between brand new innovation and upgrade is the Matrix Climbmill. They’re a new design on a very old idea – a mini reverse escalator –  but brand new to Fitness Incentive. We had long wanted to add a machine like it, but we couldn’t figure out how to fit it under our ceilings. You see, the old school Stairmaster version required 10-foot ceilings, and we had but 8 and a half. The ‘ah-hah!’ moment occurred when we, or should I say, I, realized that we could raise a section of the ceiling to accommodate them. Perhaps that was more of a ‘d’oh!’ moment. In any case, by the time I came to this insight, the patent on the old Stairmaster version had expired, and Matrix, whose machines we often admire, had come out with their new-fangled version. Which we love, and by we I mean you. It’s probably the most coveted piece on the floor. Our biggest problem is finding room for more of them. We’re on it!

The biggest change of all undoubtedly took place in the Yoga Studio, which got a full makeover. The most significant part of that makeover was the installation of 30 FAR Infrared heating panels in the ceiling. These panels are the cutting edge of heating for hot and warm yoga, and our yogis and their students simply adore them. We’re so proud of them we put them on the cover of this issue, along with Dina Voigt, the manager of your Yoga and Pilates programming.  You can read all about it right here.

We’re always busy planning our next upgrade, so stay tuned! As we like to say, “It Never Gets Old at  Fitness Incentive.”

Best of Long of Long Island

One more little thing. We need your vote, or, more precisely, your votes. Over the past 11 years, Fitness Incentive has managed to take home the Best of Long Island title 10-times. That’s unprecedented, and no one else comes close. What’s even more amazing is that FI and our associated businesses – including the Spa and Eat Smart – have been honored with the title 21 times! That’s unmatched by anyone. And we have you to thank for that. Not just for the votes, though they are deeply appreciated. The fact is, you are Fitness Incentive. You and all of your fellow members make Fitness Incentive what it is – an amazing community of people that share a love of fitness and of one another. So when you vote for Best of Long Island, you’re really voting for yourself and your fellow members, because that’s who Fitness Incentive really is.

We have four nominations this year: Best Gym, Best Nutritionist/Dietitian (Rachel Ezelius, Eat Smart), Best Chiropractor (Dr. Donna Brown of Incentives) and Best Waxing Studio (Incentives). We humbly ask for your continued support. To vote, click here:

The Gift that Always Fits

If you’re wondering how long we’ll continue to use that slogan, the answer is forever. Because it’s true in so many ways, not just the obvious “fit” pun. Yes, it’s “fit in a box,” and it will always fit the recipient (in more ways than one!) But that gift card also lets you put the entire gym in that box, whether it’s personal training, something from the boutique or the cafe, or even membership – the lucky recipient can use that little ol’ card for any and all of our  goods and services. So the gift that always fits, well, fits.

Click here to get yours now, instantly. Or stop by the desk on your next visit. 

Thank You…

…for another memorable year. It’s now 33+ years since we opened our doors, and our excitement and enthusiasm for what we do has never been greater. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for your support. We couldn’t do it without you.  

Have a happy and safe holiday, and a fit and healthy new year!

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