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FI Coach: An Expert Trainer in Your Pocket!

FI Coach is designed for people who like to work out on their own but would still appreciate and benefit from a well-designed fitness program created by a professional trainer.

There are two basic flavors, Virtual and Custom:

> FI COACH Virtual is a pre-designed training program, typically four weeks long, delivered exclusively through the FI+ app. There are several different program options, each with a different goal. It’s the most affordable way to personal train, with most programs costing just $100 per month.

> FI COACH Custom is a blend of in-person consultations and assessments with virtual training using the features of FI COACH. These programs start at just $200 per month. (Cost will vary based on the number and frequency of sessions and in-person consultations.)

FI Coach Virtual: Simple, Convenient, and Affordable

  • FI-Coach is accessible right through the FI+ App on your smartphone or device. (Apple Watch compatible)
  • FI-Coach provides you with an entire month (or more) of workouts – all designed and planned by an expert FI trainer.
  • It syncs up with your wearable devices, allowing it to track many of your workouts automatically.
  • Each exercise is accompanied by a “how-to” video demonstration, so you always know exactly which machine to use and how to perform the exercise.
  • Your exercise calendar is built right into the app, including reminders and notifications, making it easy to stay on track.
  • The app also allows you to track your exercises, including weight and reps, and to record your workouts, both in and outside of the gym.
  • Provide feedback to your trainer via in-app texting and by rating the workouts as you complete them.
  • Different FI-Coach programs have different focuses and may include different features, such as meal planning, dietary macros, meal tracking, and more!
  • Our most affordable personal training option – it’s a great way to start working with a professional fitness trainer.

Got a Fitness Goal? There's an FI Coach for That!

Several Trainers at Fitness Incentive are offering FI-Coach workout programs, and each one has a different approach, a different emphasis, and a different fitness philosophy. This gives you options! You’re able to work with a trainer whose FI Coach program best fits your fitness focus and goals, ensuring you’ll the results you’re looking for.

Level Up To FI Coach Custom

When you’re ready to graduate to the next level, FI Coach offers a Custom Training option: FI Coach Custom. You’ll meet regularly, in person, with your FI Coach trainer and enjoy two-way communication via the FI+ App. Together, you’ll design your program, review your changing fitness goals, keep track of your progress, and make adjustments to your virtual training program. With FI Coach Custom, you have a real, live Personal Trainer whenever you need support, have a question, or want to change up your workout. They know you personally, and you know them – in the flesh. 

Our FI-Coaches & Programs

Sean Horan

FI Coach with Sean


Focus: Increased Strength & Muscle Growth 

The hypertrophy training program is a 4-week virtual program focused on building muscle growth and strength.
It will consist of a 5-day split (per week) of chest, back, arms, shoulder, and leg days.
Workouts will be 45 minutes to an hour.

More About Sean

FI Coach with Jourdan


Focus: Learn how to train, eat, recover and reset your mind for effortless weight loss and lasting results. 

– Weekly workout split
–  Three guided weight training workouts per week
– Two assigned cardio days
– Rest day activities
– Set dietary macros
– Sample meal plans
– Weekly mental health exercises

More About Jourdan

Liz Keller

FI Coach with Liz


Focus: Short Duration Workouts, Big Results 

– Each workout is a concentrated 30-35 minute weight lifting routine that doesn’t require you to spend too much time on the gym floor
– 4-week program, 4-5 planned workouts per week, including scheduled cardio and mobility
– Set rep ranges, progressive difficulty week to week to work on muscle definition and increasing lean body mass
– Experience level: Beginner/Intermediate

 More About Liz

Jackie Niciforo

FI Coach with Jackie


Focus: High-intensity Booty Pumper.

This 8-week program is designed to be added in 1x a week as a glute-focused high-intensity booty pumper. The goal is to increase your weekly strength while simultaneously growing your glutes.
The program staples will include moves like the following:
-Hip thrust -Bulgarian split squats -Deadlifts – And much more.
Don’t miss out on this simple but effective amazing add-on that will help bring your leg days to a new level!

More About Jackie

FI-Coach+ Custom

FI Coach Custom programs combine on-app virtual coaching with in-person consults and program design sessions. The content will vary according to your goals. These are great building blocks for those who want more hands-on coaching and greater program customization to achieve their health and fitness goals.

FI Coach Custom


Focus: Your Health and Fitness Goals

You’ll meet face-to-face with your Personal Trainer.
Together, you’ll devise a training schedule to fit your lifestyle, a detailed program that takes the guessing out. Everything is factored into your training cycle: when to check weight, when to grab a cardio session, even active rest days. It’s all included.
And it’s all conveniently at your fingertips, delivered through theFI+ app on your phone. 

This Custom Program will typically include:
  1. Detailed training programs designed to your personal goals, delivered through our FI+ Mobile App. 
  2. Short video clips of every exercise in the workout, demonstrated by your trainer on the actual equipment in Fitness Incentive. 
  3. Regular face-to-face meetings to go over progress, make modifications, and reset goals.
  4. Inbody Body Composition scans and dietary macro programming to help you meet your goals.
  5. Personal in-app calendar with workouts, weight check-ins, cardio sessions, and progress markers. 
  6. Sets/ Reps/ Weight lifted tracking to optimize strength and muscle progression, reviewable by you and your trainers. 
  7. Two-way messaging through the app to go over any questions or concerns, with the ability to set up in-person meetings to problem-solve and modify the program. 

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