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My favorite part of the contest was seeing results in only eight weeks. It felt long, but it’s only two months. I’m amazed at what can be accomplished in this relatively brief period of time.
  • Anthony Spadolini

Above: various photos of Anthony, Anthony with his trainer Theresa Christensen, and his teammate, Brian Roche

Anthony’s Got This…

Back in 2017, Anthony Spadolini was the 3rd Place – Individual winner in that year’s Fit for Summer Challenge. This year, he finished in first place in the same category in this Autumn’s Dynamic Duo Challenge, which establishes him as truly one of the elite challengers in our fitness contests. We spoke briefly with Anthony about his 2021 contest experience.

F.I.: You’ve entered our fitness challenges before, so we know you are familiar with the dynamics. How did you come to sign up for this most recent contest?

AS: Our duo came together when my partner Brian Roche’s wife, Irene, teamed up with their daughter Bridget for this contest. Brian needed a teammate, so I was in. I had some big shoes to fill because Irene absolutely killed it in this past Spring’s contest finishing in Individual 1st and, with Brian, 4th Place Team.

F.I.: Talk a little about your activities—in terms of exercise and diet—in this past Autumn’s contest.

AS: During this 8-week contest, variety was our goal. My workouts started Monday mornings with Cor at 5:15 AM, taking her strength, abs, and stretch classes. I returned Monday nights at 5:30, back in the gym with my Duo partner Brian working chest and back. Tuesday mornings were my leg days, training with our Dynamic Duo trainer Theresa Christensen, while Wednesday mornings were Cycle mornings, again with Theresa. Thursdays, Brian and I usually worked shoulders, arms, and upper body, and Fridays, we trained at night, most often doing back and chest again. As for weekends, Saturdays we were back into the Cycle studio with Theresa, and Sunday mornings, she conducted a special group workout for all of her team members, consisting of weight training, ab workouts, and cardio. Theresa was constantly challenging us.

My diet was very consistent—a protein shake before breakfast. Breakfast consisted primarily of a 6-egg omelet with green vegetables. Lunch was either grilled chicken, avocado with mixed greens, or tuna with avocado. Dinner was always either fish, chicken, or steak with plenty of green vegetables. If I snack, it’s usually almond butter and apple slices.

F.I.: People often cite the ‘team’ aspect – friendship, support – of the contest as being extremely important to the contest experience. Talk about the team format, your trainer, and your partner.

AS: You cannot succeed in a contest like this without support. I’ll start with Theresa because she is so dedicated to all of us. From her Facebook live Q&A sessions to our training sessions, she pushed us to get that one more rep, to add another plate, or she corrected our form. Her efforts are so greatly appreciated by all her teammates. Theresa, you truly are the best!

Brian and I pushed each other from the start. If it weren’t for Brian, I would not have done the night workouts. I’m sure of that. We had a lot of laughs. I couldn’t have asked for a better teammate.

F.I.: What would you say was the most difficult, the most challenging dimension of the contest?

AS: The most difficult, most challenging dimension of the contest is the food. Everyone would probably agree. You’re eating quite a bit because you need the fuel, and as more foods are introduced, the diet aspect does get easier. But initially, you just miss the things you are accustomed to eating and drinking. Also, it’s challenging to change your diet when the rest of your house is eating as they always do.

F.I.: And your favorite aspect was?

AS: My favorite part of the contest was seeing results in only eight weeks. It felt long, but it’s only two months. I’m amazed at what can be accomplished in this relatively brief period of time.

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