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Fit to Print    .   Summer 2018    .    Volume 27 Number 2

Another “Memorable” Spring

OK, the weather this spring has, to put it politely, been disappointing. You know what I really wanted to say. Oddly enough, it reminds me of 1983 which in and of itself should scare you. Not that 1983 was a particularly bad year overall, but that I’m old enough (and lucid enough) to remember it at all. That’s probably because Cor and I got married that June.  I recall it was an incredibly miserable spring, having rained something like eight consecutive weekends. Miraculously, the first Saturday that it didn’t rain was June 11th, which also happened to be our wedding day. Luckily for us, because despite the horrible weather that preceded it we hadn’t thought to order a tent for the reception. Turned out that was the best omission we could have made as the weather was fantastic and the crowd was especially pumped to be out and under the sun for the first pleasant Saturday in weeks. A year later we launched a little aerobic studio on Grove Place called Fitness Incentive. That was 34 years ago this August. I mention this all because I’m writing this on our anniversary, thank you very much, and because the rest of that summer turned out just fine weather-wise. So there’s hope for 2018 as well. Let’s keep our collective fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, there have been some goings-on at that little ol’ gym I mentioned…

Fantastic Again

The 2018 edition of the annual Fantastic Four contest was a monster success with great participation and, well, fantastic results. 136 challengers on 34 teams worked together with their trainers for ten weeks. In that period they managed to lose, collectively, a ton of weight. And I mean that literally – 2,000 pounds were dropped. That’s an average of nearly 15 pounds per person! They also shed over 2,200 inches and 11% body fat on average. Amazing results, and they showed. Take a look at some of them! You may think I am obliged to say this, but that doesn’t make it any less true – everyone that participated and put their effort into it came out a winner. And that’s not “everyone gets a trophy” philosophy, that’s a fact. But there were, of course, actual winners, whom we honored at the contest party held this year at The Post Office in Babylon Village.


To make it a little fairer, we broke the teams down this year by gender, with awards for best individual male and female and for best male, female, and coed teams. You can see the results here.

For those that competed, now comes the fun part – looking and feeling your best for the summer of 2018. Enjoy it – you earned it! (BTW, if you need some tips on how to keep the gains you’ve made, check out Cor’s Corner. She has some advice for you.

What Are You Made Of?

As you know, we’re always looking for the next great thing. Sometimes we find one, other times, well, not so much. This year we think we have a winner for you, and we just rolled it out a few days ago. It’s called the InBody 570. It’s a next-generation body composition analyzer that tells you an incredible amount about what your body is made of in an incredibly short minute. You stand on it. It speaks to you. It tells you what to do. It sends a range of harmless currents through your body that measures your lean mass, your intracellular and extracellular water and computes your body fat. It actually tells you how much fat you need to lose, how much lean muscle mass you need to gain and where. It can even determine if your body is potentially suffering from inflammation. In short, it’s an amazing new tool that provides insights that previously could only be obtained in an autopsy…by which time they don’t really do you very much good.

We’re rolling out the InBody this month and will be holding open houses where we’re providing complimentary InBody scans to any member that wants one. Watch for announcements as to dates and times. InBody will also be purchasable for $50 per scan or $240 for a six scan package. The scans are performed by certified personal trainers and include analysis of and consultation about your results. If you personal train, you’ll be happy to learn that we’re now including InBody scans with any Personal Training Package purchase at no additional cost.

Survey Says…

Many of you responded to our annual Cardio Equipment Survey. Thank you for providing us with your opinions and insights. It helps us to make the best possible choices when we upgrade our cardio. For those of you keeping score at home, here are a few tidbits:

  • 97.48% of respondents use the cardio equipment. The most popular reason for not using it was “I prefer to take classes.”
  • Treadmills nipped out Ellipticals as the most used type of equipment,  84.5% to 83%. That’s gotten closer over the last few surveys.
  • Among the treadmills, the Precor and Cybex were your favorites.  Your fav ellipticals were the Precor AMT and the Matrix Climbmill.
  • You preferred the upright Expresso bikes to the recumbents, and, surprisingly, the rowers edged the bikes in overall popularity.
  • When we asked which machine you wanted to see more of, the overwhelming choice was the Matrix Climbmill. (We hear you loud and clear!)
  • Over 80% told us that Personal Entertainment was an important consideration in your choice of equipment, while 6% said they preferred machines without it altogether.
  • We’ll be digesting this info over the next few weeks and then setting up our annual upgrade budget. We’re also looking at upgrading the locker room facilities. So it will be another year of investing to keep FI on the cutting edge of fitness technology and user (that’s you) experience. Stay tuned.

Meet Our Newest Personal Trainers

Actually, both Linda Cunningham and Angelica Hahn, the most recent additions to our PT staff, are both well known to FI members. Both are popular instructors at FI. Now they’re available for personal and small group training as well. Here’s a little more about each:

Angelica Hahn…

…is an AFAA Certified Personal Trainer, as well as a certified instructor in Group Exercise, Cycle, and Zumba. Angelica brings over a decade of experience as a dance teacher and choreographer and has also danced professionally as a New York Jets Flight Crew Cheerleader. Health and fitness have always been a passion for her. Training as a dancer all her life and growing up with a father who was a competitive bodybuilder and personal trainer himself, the health and fitness profession was always a natural fit. Angelica believes the health and wellness journey starts from within and that each day is an opportunity to change and grow from the inside out.

Linda Cunningham

A dancer and fitness enthusiast since a young age, Linda Cunningham is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, AFAA Group Instructor, AAAI/ISMA Pilates Instructor, AAAI/ISMA Kids Fitness Instructor and also certified in Zumba. She firmly believes in developing individualized fitness programs for each client, and places a tremendous emphasis on core strength and balance. “Your inner strength is your outer foundation.”

Summer at Last…

The summer class schedule will go into effect on June 27th. We’re still working on the changes as we go to press. We’ll update you via email and, of course, on the app schedule.

Have a Fit and Fun Summer!

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