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The infrared panel system provides this heat, and even though the class is not “HOT,” you are reaping the benefits of the infrared heat…

How Things Get Hot

Fitness Incentive has a state-of-the-art FAR Infrared heating system in our Mind+Body studio.  We get a lot of questions about infrared radiant heating and the use of heat in yoga and other classes, so we’d like to take a few minutes to explain how it works to your benefit.

Let me start by explaining a little bit about the “heat.”

In the Yoga studio, the primary source of heat is the ceiling-mounted Infrared radiant heating panels.  In the warmer months, when we need to heat the room for classes designated “HOT” or “WARM,” we have the infrared system pre-programmed to heat the room to the desired temperature before the classes and then cool down afterward.  In addition, the central HVAC system air conditioning is programmed to cool the room as needed.

During the cold months, the infrared heat system is the primary source of heat for all classes in the Mind+Body studio. Think of it like this; during the colder months in your home, your heat is “on.”  You may keep your heat thermostat set to a specific temperature and have it programmed to get warmer or cooler as needed. That is the same in our Yoga room. We have the heat on and programmed per the class schedule.  So, in the winter, you may go in for a pilates class, and the room is around 70 degrees, yet, you don’t feel hot, even though the heat is on to keep you comfortable and not cold. The infrared panel system provides this heat, and even though the class is not “HOT,” you are reaping the benefits of infrared heat! (More on these benefits below)  Of course, when a class is designated HOT, the heat is programmed to be higher and generate more heat.

The Infrared Difference

Our Infrared panels heat the objects and people in the room, whereas traditional, forced air systems heat the air around you and can make the room feel stuffy and your skin feel dry.  Infrared heat feels “cooler” and lighter as it penetrates the skin and heats you from the inside out.  The longer you are in the infrared heat, the warmer your body will get.  It is the same comfortable, sun-like warmth you get outdoors on a sunny day, but without the harmful UV rays.

Infrared heat generates deeper into your body and heats your core temperature.  Studies have shown that infrared therapies (saunas, etc.) that warm the core temperature of our bodies show antidepressant and improved mental focus effects due to improved blood circulation to the brain, as well as anti-inflammatory effects.

Here are some more health benefits of infrared heating:
  • Pain relief – since infrared heat penetrates directly into tissues, muscles, and joints, they benefit from increased circulation and oxygenation, allowing them to regenerate and heal.
  • Improved flexibility – the deep penetration of the radiant heat directly warms muscles, allowing for a greater range of motion.
  • Detoxification – as the radiant heat penetrates your body and heats you from within, you will sweat, which is your body’s natural way of flushing out toxins. The infrared heat affects the water molecules in your body, allowing a cleansing detoxification on the cellular level.
  • Better circulation, improved oxygenation of organs, and lower blood pressure.
  • Weight loss – infrared heat has been shown to increase metabolism between the blood and tissue, which burns calories.
  • Increased mental focus (as mentioned above)

These are just some of the many benefits of infrared radiant heating!  

Your Silent Benefactor

To reiterate, while not all our Mind+Body studio classes are “HOT” (or even WARM), they all give the benefits of Infrared heat whenever the heat is on, no matter what ambient temperature.  That means anytime you are in the yoga room and the Infrared system is ON, you are reaping the benefits!

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