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…all you can see are the mountains of light, fine hair covering the sides of your face, mustache region, and yes, the soul patch area. It’s an avoidable moment with dermaplaning.

Christine Jelley

Flirty Lashes and Dermaplaning for Spring – SIGN ME UP!

Incentives Spa is a goldmine located right past the gym entrance to the left. If you’d like to learn about two of the fabulous treatments I recently received, read on.

I came in for a dermaplaning with Jackie, thinking it was probably nothing more than a way to shave your face without feeling like a man. Wrong. I chatted with Jackie about my concerns, the usual dullness, and fine lines, then laid down on one of the super-comfy heated treatment beds. She placed a giant magnifying light over my face and gave it a thorough once-over to see where the problem areas are. I have no issue being viewed under what seems like a 500x magnifying mirror because, a.) I don’t care anymore and, b.) All estheticians are a little weird, and they LOVE targeting your bumps, spots, and problem areas and showing you what they removed after. She cleansed and prepped my skin, explaining that some dermaplaning is done dry, but she’s on the moist team because it’s more gentle on the skin. She removed the blade from a fresh package (100% hygienic) and started scraping.

There is no pain. All I experienced was a soft sound, like the sound of your nail file skimming the tops of your nails. It was very relaxing. The blade is held at a 45-degree angle, not a 30-degree (which is a typical at-home shaving angle), which is important because your exfoliation results will be that much better. In addition to removing dead skin and such, dermaplaning removes the dreaded vellus skin, in common parlance, peach fuzz.

Have you ever sped down in LIE in a convertible in the bright sunshine, feeling like you own the world, then made the mistake of dropping the visor and taking a peek in the mirror? Forget your perfect red lip and fancy sunglasses – all you can see are the mountains of light, fine hair covering the sides of your face, mustache region, and yes, the soul patch area. It’s an avoidable moment with dermaplaning. All that unwanted baby hair can be sitting on a tissue in the trash rather than compromising your Thelma and Louise moment.

On to the Lashes!

As I was enjoying my dermaplaning, Jackie said that I was an excellent candidate for an eyelash lift, curl and tint due to my straight, light lashes. I’m really a one thing at a time girl, but then she pulled out the before-and-afters. The difference was startling. Ten-plus sets of eyes stared back at me, the first pictures showed almost invisible lashes, the second a fluttery, completely natural full set of lashes that blew my doors off. Young women, older women, high-maintenance types, fresh-scrubbed gym rats – every picture displayed stunning results. Of course, I had to try it. My eyes were covered with various protectors, and I had to be able to keep them closed for an hour. Note: If this is a problem, this may not be for you. I was completely comfortable, and Jackie kept me updated on the process as we went along. This is not a perm, no smell, but a keratin lash treatment infused with your choice of matte or shiny black pigment. I chose shiny because natural lashes are shiny, but both produce standout results that last 8-12 weeks.


Aftercare for both treatments was easy. After the lash lift/tint, eyes need to be kept dry for 48 hours; use makeup remover wipes rather than a splash off cleanser. My freshly dermaplaned skin had to be kept well moisturized, just as I do anyway. Serums containing acids or retinol are verboten for five days because the skin has been treated and, although there was no redness following, needed a well-earned break. Thereafter, serums will penetrate and work better because they are not fighting their way through a layer of dead skin. And, yes, after the dermaplaning, Jackie did show me the dead skin and peach fuzz she removed. Estheticians just can’t help themselves.



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