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Big Change is Coming!

Fitness Incentive is about to introduce a radical restructuring of our membership model. Starting February 1st, 2023, we will be “unbundling” our membership, separating our Class Studios and the Basic Gym into separate memberships.

There will be three basic options:

Still an Incredible Fitness Value

As many of you already know, single-service studios are typically $150 and up just to take a small handful of classes per month, limited to a specific program like yoga, cycling, or boot camp. This new membership structure and pricing better reflects the value of Fitness Incentive membership in the current fitness market. It also provides more selections for members to focus their fitness dollars exactly where they want to spend them.

Let’s Compare: Typical “Studio”

Compare what you get at “studio” facilities to what we offer at FI:
At the typical “studio” style gym, there’s one type of class – what they specialize in. That’s it. The equipment options are severely limited, or there’s none at all, except what they use in their one program. Want to lift weights or run on the treadmill? Sorry, wrong gym. Most have a limited class schedule with limited space, and many restrict how many classes you can take in a month. They typically lack locker rooms and showers, and you’re very unlikely to find babysitting, never mind a café or a spa – but they still charge high prices – often $150, $175, or more per month. We’ve seen yoga studios charging $225 a month!

Vs. FI

At FI, you get unlimited classes in a wide range of styles. Over 100 per week! Want to try a yoga class today? – go ahead! How about cycling? – right there for you! Plus, tons of clean, well-maintained cardio and strength equipment at your disposal. And this doesn’t even touch on the amenities – spotless locker rooms with showers and sauna, our nursery, café, boutique, and Incentives Organic Spa & Salon. Not to forget the community and staff – friendly, courteous – more like a big family than a gym. It’s not only a great place to work out, it’s an incredible value.

You are golden Image 2022

Here’s the Best Part – You’re Golden!

All current members, as of 1/31/2023, will be “grandfathered” in as GOLD All-Access members at your current rate. What’s more, you’ll remain locked in as a GOLD member for as long as you continue to be a member. Same rate, same access – locked in… Forever! For our current members, that means you’ll continue to get full access to everything – all the classes, all the equipment, everything FI for exactly what you’re paying now. All you need do is stay a member. That’s it!

…Or You Could Be!

For former and prospective members contemplating joining or re-joining, the time to act is now. Join before 2/1/23, and you can still lock as a GOLD member under the current membership model at the current rate. It’s the best value in Fitness by a mile. And it’s your last chance to get it – and keep it!

Make Someone’s Holidays Golden

Here’s a new Take on “the Gift that Always Fits.” A thoughtful way to change someone’s life in 2023 is to Gift them the Gold! You can purchase gift cards for one-month, three months, and full-year GOLD memberships. These cards are good for GOLD membership at the 2022 rate through 3/31/2023. (After 3/31/2023, they are redeemable for the cash equivalent in membership at 2023 rates). It’s a memorable gift that can truly change the trajectory of a loved one’s life. You can purchase them at the front desk or online at

If you have questions about the new unbundled membership model, stop by the front desk, or email us at

The World’s Best Member Experience?

That would be right here, at FI. Don’t take our word for it. For the 5th consecutive year, The Member Experience Awards (MEA) have honored Fitness Incentive as the Best Member Experience for a Private Independent Gym. This may not sound like a big deal, but the MEA scores over 800 gyms on three continents to determine the best of the best. Moreover, they also selected FI with the Operator of the Year Award – also for the 5th time – honoring it as the very best member experience across all categories. You might well ask, how does the MEA know? Simple, really – you told them so. Those little surveys we send out measure something called “Net Promoter Score” (NPS) – and are used by all MEA members to determine member satisfaction. And our member’s rating of FI was the highest of any gym in the MEA universe. For which we humbly thank you. We happen to think our members are the best on the planet as well. So I guess we’re meant for each other. 

Fall Fitness '22
As We Go to Press: Fall Fitness Challenge Results Are In

Our annual Fall Fitness Challenge just wrapped up. It was a memorable experience for all who participated, members and trainers alike. As always, pounds of fat were shed, and layers of lean muscle mass were added, leaving the contestants leaner, healthier, and happier than before. At the risk of cliche, everyone that joined in was a winner – or should I say “loser.” (See what I mean about cliched?) Having said that, the actual winners are:

You can see all the top finishers in the video below and the complete results by clicking here.

Stay tuned for the annual Fit for Summer Challenge, coming in March. (Yes, March is coming – hang in!)

aussie runner

It Never Gets Old at FI…

Get Your Aussie On!

“More gains. Less aches and pains.”
We’re excited to introduce the Aussie Pro Runner, an amazing self-powered, variable resistance treadmill. This unit is unlike anything else at the gym. This high-performance machine will burn more calories and build more strength than a typical treadmill. For starters, there’s no maximum speed. Go from a slow jog to an all-out sprint, just like you would on the track. Shock-absorbing treads make it easy on the joints, even when sprinting. Powered by pure human drive, the AUSSIE PRO RUNNER has zero electrical consumption. And it turns into more than just a treadmill as you move into sled mode. Simply adjust the magnetic resistance to high, grip the frame, and push your way to a stronger core. Mix sled training in with some sprints and watch the sweat drip. Improve your speed, coordination, endurance, and power with the AUSSIE PRO RUNNER. Give it a try!

Holiday Hours

Our Holiday Hours will be:

December 24th – Christmas Eve: 6 am – 1 pm
December 25th – Christmas: Closed
December 31st – New Year’s Eve: 6 am – 1 pm
January 1st, 2023 – New Year’s Day: 9 am – 12 pm (Classes TBA)

Best Wishes from all of us at Fitness Incentive and Incentives Organic Spa & Salon for a Safe, Happy, and Healthy New Year!

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