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Essential oils, not only boost your immunity by killing germs, they can also help alleviate stress and symptoms of depression and anxiety, giving your more energy to get through your days without interruption.
– Dina Voigt

Boost Your Immunity, Improve Your Mood

5 Essential Oils You Must Have This Winter

Essential Oils

During the winter months, when the days are shorter, some people find themselves feeling a bit down, and their energy is not as high as it is during the summer months.  Those prone to depression and anxiety may notice their symptoms getting worse.  Winter is also prime time for contracting colds and flu, as a lot of viruses thrive in cold temperatures.  Essential oils, not only boost your immunity by killing germs, they can also help alleviate stress and symptoms of depression and anxiety, giving your more energy to get through your days without interruption.


Below are Five Essential oils that not only help improve your physical health but also support mental well-being.

  1. Lavender Oil
    Lavender is definitely one of the most versatile and popular essential oils. It has antibacterial, antidepressant and anti-inflammatory effects. This oil is especially helpful in clearing up a stuffy nose, making it ideal for allergies and minor illnesses like the common cold. It can also help break up congestion by adding to your humidifier at night.

The cold winter months can leave your skin dry and flaky…Lavender oil has moisturizing effects to help keep your skin hydrated and healthy.   Combine a few drops with your moisturizer, combine with other skin-healthy oils such as jojoba oil, or combine a few drops with filtered water in a small spray bottle for a quick spritz of hydration throughout the day.

  1. Oregano Oil
    It is widely known that Oregano essential oil has very powerful immune-boosting, antiviral, antifungal, antiparasitic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

It is is also helpful in quelling anxiety and helping with difficulty sleeping.  It induces feelings of inner serenity and calmness so that you are able to relax and fall asleep. For a restful, peaceful sleep, apply a few drops to the soles of your feet at bedtime.  It also helps to reduce the fear associated with anxiety!

If you were to choose only one essential oil for the Holiday season and the winter….this one should be it!  The anti-anxiety, calming properties combined with it’s immune boosting power will help prevent illness and alleviate and prevent colds and flu.  It is especially helpful in relieving sore throats.

  1. 3. Lemon Oil
    Lemon essential oil has mood-boosting, astringent, and antibacterial effects. You can use this oil to help prevent illness or to help fight illness if you are already sick.

Use lemon essential oil around your home to clean and remove germs and bacteria from floors and surfaces. The scent of lemons has the ability to boost your mood and alleviate your stress. Lemon oil also has the unique ability to reduce your sugar cravings because it naturally reduces your desire to eat sweets.

  1. Peppermint Oil

Most people know that Peppermint is certainly great for freshening your breath and helping with stomach issues and headache.  It also has immune boosting properties and works to reduce your appetite.

All of these properties are great but, did you know that Peppermint also works as a mood booster!!!   Peppermint oil helps eliminate fatigue and ease depression and feelings of anxiety!

Peppermint helps to stimulate your immune system, but if you are already sick, it can help with several symptoms that are common with winter illnesses. Peppermint essential oil relieves headaches and sinus pressure and stiffness.  It also helps relieve hangover symptoms!!!


  1. Frankincense Oil
    Frankincense is also an extremely versatile Essential oil. It has immune-boosting and purifying properties which can help to prevent you from getting sick during the winter season. Using Frankincense regularly is a good idea so that you can get through the season without getting sick. When combined with frequent hand washing, you will find that your immune system is stronger and that you are more resistant to illness.
    Frankincense also has a calming, grounding effect and helps you focus and relax and dispelling feelings of anxiety and relieving stress which is especially helpful during the holiday craziness!

You can use essential oils alone or along with other remedies to keep yourself and your family healthy during the winter months. During these coming months it can be quite difficult to keep yourself from getting sick, but if you keep these oils handy it will surely help.

Disclaimer**These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  The information in this article no way intended to treat, diagnose or prevent and disease or illness.  if you feel you have a medical condition or are on any medication you are urged to seek the help of a medical professional.  The suggestions in this article are for use with Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and not other.  Certain essential oils should not be used around children, pregnant or nursing women and pets.

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Dina Voigt holds multiple fitness certifications, including yoga, Pilates mat and reformer, and Cycling. She is also a certified Personal Trainer. Dina manages the Mind-Body-Spirit Studio Programs at Fitness Incentive.

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