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After years of abusing my skin with sun exposure and toxic makeup products, I believed my skin was beyond repair. Jackie has truly exceeded my expectations and managed to tranform my skin –  just in time for my daugthers wedding!
  • Joanne Klein
Joanne Klein - Before and After PCA Peel
Got Summer Sun damage?

Get a Peel!

Sunspots, freckles, beauty marks, whatever you call them, it’s sun damage. Not only does radiation from the sun cause discolorations, it also breaks down collagen and elastin causing premature aging, loss of elasticity and wrinkles! Luckily we have a solution…

PCA Skin offers a variety of products to reduce discolorations and increase firmness and elasticity in the skin. Their professional peels provide significant improvement by brightening the skin, reducing dark spots and increasing firmness and elasticity. They are also beneficial for treating Rosacea as inflammation and redness are reduced, and skin is smoother, hydrated, and more even-toned. If acne and enlarged pores are plaguing you or your teen, PCA will aid in improving acne scarring and discolorations and help control the most stubborn breakouts, including cystic acne.

PCA’s “progressive not aggressive” approach means no downtime. Treatments are done in a series of 6 treatments every 3-4 weeks.

Call today to book your PCA peel and get on the path to healthy skin!

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Jackie Carini

Jackie Carini

Jackie Carini is a Certified Makeup Artist, Licensed Cosmetologist, and Esthetician. Her knowledge, combined with 20 + years of experience with skin, color theory, artistic eye and attention to detail are all important factors when considering a Permanent Makeup Specialist.

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