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Fit to Print    .   Summer 2019    .    Volume 28 Number 2

Thirty-Five Summers Later…

1984. It Was a Very Good Year.

1984 – 2019

The summer issue of the newsletter is always the toughest to pull together. No one wants to be sitting inside typing and laying out articles when the sun is shining on some of the longest and most gorgeous days of the year. But that’s my (not so terrible) burden to bear.

We’ve been at this newsletter thing now for a couple of decades – I’ve actually lost count, but the first issue was back in the early nineties if I’m not mistaken. I could check, but I’m too busy staring out the window. That’s a lot of issues, but it pales when compared to the 35 years we have now been in business – something I did, in fact, verify. Here’s a thought to boggle the mind and crash the computer – how many classes has Cor taught in the past 35 years? I can’t even hazard a guess. But it’s an awful lot. (OK – I can’t resist. It’s got to be around 10,000 classes taught, give or take a thousand. Of course, that doesn’t count the classes she’s merely taken or the thousands of miles she has run or walked, or…) And here’s the thing – she’s just as excited about teaching this morning as she was back in 1984. Maybe more so. It’s a rare morning, indeed when she doesn’t come home full of juice to tell me that her class was amazing or the best one ever. That’s after 35 years! Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life, as the saying goes, and it’s exactly right. At least for Cor. Sure, there are the occasional ‘uggggh!’ mornings or days, but they are few and transient moments that are shaken off with relative ease.

What remains is the gratitude, the passion, and the commitment to being the best she – we – can be. If Fitness Incentive has been about anything for the past 35 years, it is that: commitment. Commitment to continual improvement, to staying ahead of the curve, to providing you with the best possible version of ourselves. Thank you for noticing. Thank you for caring. And thank you for being part of the FI family. Our gratitude for our members and employees, family and friends, is unbounded. Our plan now is for more of the same, so get ready for some fun things that’ll be coming your way over the next months. For a retrospective on our past 35 years, click here

The Contest, 2019 Edition.

Eleven years in and the annual Fit for Summer Challenge is still going strong. In fact, this years was a remarkably successful version, with 33 teams comprised of 132 individuals taking part. Using the InBody scanner as the measurement tool, the vast majority saw spectacular results, dropping body fat while retaining and even adding lean muscle mass – no mean feat! You can read about the experiences of the first place team in this issue by clicking here, and see the full results here. Congratulations to everyone that participated! See you next Spring!

Big Expresso Upgrade

The Expresso bikes just underwent a very big upgrade. If you’re an Expresso regular, you probably noticed. Lots of cool new stuff, foremost among them being Heart Rate training. The rides in this module not only track your heart rate but are designed as a series of training rides to develop your cardio endurance. There’s also expanded support for group rides as well as Bluetooth connectivity to pair your headphones with the cycle. It’s a huge leap forward for these already excellent bikes. Hop on and go for a ride!

Farewell, Rachel

As you may already know, Rachel Ezelius, the Registered Dietitian who manages and administers our Eat Smart program will be leaving us later this summer. Rachel and her family have decided to relocate to upstate New York (read more here). In her time with us, which dates back to 2001, Rachel has been an enormous contributor to FI. And not only through Eat Smart, where she took home Best of Long Island honors seven times, but in our back office as well, making sure the mundane little things like the class schedule were always up and running. As both a friend and co-worker, she will be deeply missed. Good luck, Rae! (Read Rae’s farewell here)

What’s Next?

We have begun the work necessary to transition the Eat Smart program, and we have some very big surprises coming for the Spa as well. Thirty-five years on or not, we feel like we’re just getting warmed up. Stay tuned for more great stuff. We promise!

Enjoy your summer!

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35th Anniversary Thank You!

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