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Our Annual Fitness Challenge is Back for Autumn, 2021

Dynamic Duo Fitness Challenge – Autumn 2021

Get ready for the Dynamic Duo Fitness Challenge – Autumn 2021! Teams will form and unwanted body fat will be replaced with lean muscle mass…just in time for the holiday season. Scroll down for details. Challengers Assemble!

Are you up to the Challenge?


Wednesday, September 1st through Wednesday, September 22nd

Initial Assessments:

Friday, September 24th through Sunday, September 26th

Assessments are by appointment. You will schedule your assessments when you sign up.

Partner Training:

You’ll train 2 times a week for 8 weeks.

Monday, September 27th through Friday, November 19th.

(Scheduled with your trainer.)

Ending Assessments:

Friday, November 19th through Sunday, November 21st 

(also by appointment.)

Contest Assessments

Important: Individuals with pacemakers or other electronic medical devices should not take the InBody assessment.

Assessments will be done using the InBody™ Body Composition Scanner to perform the assessments. InBody is the latest, most cutting-edge assessment tool available. In less than a minute, InBody changes the way you see yourself. It’s the device that looks right through you and delivers in-depth, comprehensive analysis data like no other assessment method. In this contest, we will be scoring contestants using two primary measurements and a formula provided by InBody for scoring. The key components are:

• Lean Body Mass (Goal: maintain or increase)
• Body Fat Mass (Goal: decrease)

For the most accurate results, the following guidelines should be observed:

• Hydrate well the day before
• Do not drink caffeine on the day of your test
• Do not eat for 3-4 hours prior to testing
• Do not exercise 6-12 hours prior to testing
• Do not take InBody Test after a shower or sauna
• Do not consume alcohol for 24 hours prior to testing
• Ensure access to both feet with removable footwear (no socks or pantyhose)
• Do not wear jewelry- all jewelry will have to be removed prior to testing
• Measure after standing for at least 5 minutes
• For females, avoid having measurement during menstrual period as total body water will be higher than normal

We will test you twice, once at the beginning of the contest to establish your initial measurements, and then at the end of the contest to determine your improvement. We will then compare the starting measurements to your ending measurements, and, using a proprietary InBody scoring algorithm, determine your score. We will use the same process to score each team.

The Scoring System

The formula we will use is called AWS, or Adjusted Weight System, which considers initial weight, lean body mass change, and body fat mass change all in one formula. The final score number is a percentage, the higher the better.

Using the following InBody measurements:

Initial Weigh-In

Weight: 220.7

Initial Lean Body Mass (LBM): 150.4

Initial Body Fat Mass (BFM): 70.4

Final Weigh-In

Weight: 188.9

Final LBM: 153.9

Final BFM: 35.0

If you plug these numbers into the AWS formula, the final score is 57%.
The higher the percentage, the higher the placement. This formula also works for both genders, all fitness levels, and all body types as well, to ensure everyone has a fair shot at winning. 

If You Really Want to Know: AWS Formula

File this under more information than you probably need, but here’s the actual formula for those who are interested:

From the basic measurements, we compute the following values for the formula:

  • Initial LBM %: Initial LBM/Initial Weight
  • Lean Score: Final LBM – Initial LBM
  • Fat Score: Initial BFM – Final BFM

These variables are then applied in the following formula:

Initial LBM % * ((7.5*(Lean score) + 4.5 *(Fat score)) / Initial Weight = Your Score

Some advantages to this formula:

Because it is more difficult to add (or maintain) Lean Body Mass than it is to reduce Body Fat Mass (which usually can be accomplished through caloric restriction), the formula gives more weight to building or maintaining lean mass than it does to losing body fat. To gain muscle, you must:
1. Sleep well
2. Get enough proteins
3. Drink a lot of water
4. Have a good hormone profile (normal or elevated testosterone)
5. Good workout program
6. Eat enough fat (for hormones)
7. Eat in a caloric surplus

Adjustment for Fitness Level
Because it is harder for a fit individual to change their body composition, the raw score is multiplied by the Percent Lean Mass at the initial weigh-in. This means that an individual that is 70% LBM (30% Body Fat) is expected to make more positive changes than an individual that is 90% LBM (10% Body Fat).

Adjustment for Body Type
Finally, the score is then divided by the Total Weight at weigh-in into account for differences in body type. For example, a 250 lb individual would need to make more positive changes than an individual that weighs 120 lbs.

Note: We use these scoring methods in this contest instead of weight loss because not all weight loss is equal. We are seeking to encourage healthy, sustainable weight loss through the loss of body fat while emphasizing the retention or increase of lean mass (muscle). We are confident that the InBody device, along with the AWS scoring system provides the best contest scoring method.

Members: $900.00

You may pay in full or in three installments.

If you choose installments, the initial installment of $400 is due when you sign up.  The remaining two installments of $250 each are charged to your account on October 1st and November 1st.


If you intend to pay in installments we recommend you sign up no later than September 15th. Your first payment is due upon sign-up, and the next installment will be due on October 1st. 

Non-Members: $1,050.00

You may pay in full or in three monthly installments. Includes a 2-month membership. 

If you choose installments, the initial installment of $550 (which includes the two-month membership), followed by two installments of $250 each which are charged to your account on October 1st and November 1st.


If you intend to make 3 payments, we recommend signing up no later than September 15th. Your first payment is due when you sign up, and the next installment will be due on October 1st.

Prizes: Over 50,000 Reward Points were awarded in the last Contest!

Prizes in this year’s event will depend upon the number of participants – the more participants, the bigger the rewards!

If you haven’t already, download Fitness Incentive Mobile App! You can get it right here:

The prizes in this year’s contest are “Reward Points” in the FI Mobile App. The total amount of prizes depends on the number of participants in the contest. The prizes are awarded to the top-scoring duos. Additional pop-up challenges and prizes may also be awarded.

There are lots of points to be had, but to get them you MUST have the mobile app. 

There are a few simple rules:

  • No Fitness Incentive fitness professionals (instructors or trainers) can participate in the contest. (Other non-fitness staff may participate)
  • No relatives of trainers can participate in the contest. No exceptions. Any relative that is discovered to have entered will be disqualified.
  • Participants will be required to show proof of identification (such as a driver’s license) that shows their date of birth.
  • Please refer to the contest contract for additional rules.

If you’re interested in joining the Dynamic Duo Fitness Challenge – Autumn 2021, here’s what you should do:


If it’s your first contest, or if you have questions about this one, stop by the front desk. They’re ready to help.  


Stop by the Desk to Register! You’ll need to make your initial down payment. If you prefer to pay in three installments, they will be billed to your account. Registration ends 9/22/21, but teams often fill up quickly, so don’t hesitate if you’re interested.


Pick a trainer and join a team! If you know who you’d like to train with, just let us know when you sign up. If you’re unsure – and many are – let us know your schedule, availability and training goal and we’ll find a team and trainer for you.

The article below provides a snapshot of the Dynamic Duo Challenge experience – authored by the winners of this past Spring’s contest themselves!

Eat, Sleep, Breathe…

You know that feeling when you finish a television series that you were crazy invested in, and you just don’t know what to do with your life anymore? We’ve got it! But our “TV series” was this Dynamic Duo fitness competition. We ate, slept, and breathed it…literally! We didn’t want just to cross the finish line, we wanted to simultaneously sprint across it, breaking the tape across our hips, then drop and do an extra ten burpees!

We’re Doing It!

I’ve been a member at Fitness Incentive since 2018, when I moved home from Los Angeles. My mom, Sandy, had been a member for over a decade and swore she had the best gym, insisting that I tag along and try some of her classes. I was hooked from the start! The instructors, the classes, the daycare, the café, the spa & salon, and don’t even get me started on Cor’s muffins (let’s just say that I’m the reason there are never any left when you get there); this gym was firing on ALL cylinders! I had seen and heard about the Fantastic Four Challenge and was always intrigued. So when I was reading my latest Fit to Print in bed one evening and casually mentioned to my boyfriend Tom that it had been dropped down to a Dynamic Duo, without hesitation, he said, “We’re doing it!” It was the ultimate gift and one that I would have never given myself. Thank you, sweetheart!

All In!

I’ve never really met a challenge that I shied away from. If someone else can do it, then I can do it too. This has always been a mindset that pushes me. It’s one of the things that I love about taking classes with all the strong people at FI; I feel motivated by them. While I have never claimed to give 100% at anything in my life (because I always believe that I could have pulled from somewhere deep down and found that extra rep, found a way to give just a little more), what I can do is sit here and honestly tell you that I have never committed myself to anything more than I did this challenge. Tom and I put full faith in our trainer and followed her workouts and nutrition plan implicitly. I was a meal-prepping beast! And while we love our new, stronger, leaner bodies, for me personally, the non-scale victories were my biggest takeaway: my mental clarity from a cleaner diet; a more positive mental attitude and patience to take on my day; a recovery from a reoccurring back injury that only took me out for two days instead of the typical seven due to a stronger core, anti-inflammatory foods, and proper RICE therapy; the new workouts and circuits I can now go and execute myself; the deeper knowledge of a balanced nutrition plan that I will now apply to our everyday lifestyle; and the KNOWING that I AM that strong and I CAN do this!

Push on Through

We’ve all heard the quote, “There are no excuses.” In my opinion, I much prefer to call it like it is, that there are a million excuses, some very legit, but are you going to let them stop you? When your planner looks like this, on any given day, it’s easier to just look at the schedule that lies ahead of you and say that there is absolutely no room to fit in a workout. Of course, it’s easier to skimp out on meal prep and grab a quick, less-healthy alternative. During the competition, my partner Tom lost a very dear friend, and he could have chosen to take a few days to crumble. Nobody would have blamed him. But instead, he decided to push harder and dedicate his win to his late friend, who loved all things health and fitness. The point is, we’ve all got excuses, but just like anything that life hands to you, it is what you make it, or to quote one of the best movies I know…” It’s supposed to be hard. It’s the hard that makes it great. If it were easy, everyone would do it.”

– Patty & Tom, or Team TP (yes, that’s right, team toilet paper)

First Place

Dynamic Duo Fit For Summer 2021 Challenge Results

10,000 Rewards Points

First Place

Patty Snider & Thomas Migliorisi

Eileen Jillian

Trainers:  Eileen & Jillian Jacinth

Second Place

7,500 Rewards Points

Second Place

Kelly Rapoport & Christina Thayer

Liz Keller

Trainer: Liz Keller

Third Place

5,000 Rewards Points

Lisa Calderaro & Ela Swicord

Eileen Jillian

Trainers: Eileen Jacinth and Jillian Jacinth

Fourth Place Team – 1,500 Points

Dawn Lucci & Beth Wilson
Trainer: Theresa Christensen


Fifth Place Team – 1,000 Rewards Points

Fifth Place

Sharon Uss & Kelly Walsh
Trainer: Theresa Christensen


Sixth Place Team – 1,000 Rewards Points

Irene Roche & Brian Roche
Trainer: Theresa Christensen


Individual Winners


First Place – 1,000 Rewards Points – Eileen Roche – Trainer: Theresa Christensen
Second Place – 500 Rewards Points – Thomas Migliorisi– Trainers: Eileen Jacinth and Jillian Jacinth
Third Place – 250 Rewards Points – Pina Prainito – Trainer: TJ Lynch

PXL_20210501_150640638-02-01 - Copy - Copy

Individual Honorable Mention


50 Rewards Points Each
Fourth Place – Christina Thayer – Trainer: Liz Keller
Fifth Place – Kathy Finnegan – Trainers: Eileen Jacinth and Jillian Jacinth
Sixth Place – Patty Snider – Trainers: Eileen Jacinth and Jillian Jacinth
Seventh Place – Glori Coyle – Trainers: Eileen Jacinth and Jillian Jacinth
Eighth Place – Dawn Lucci – Trainer: Theresa Christensen

Complete Team Results

Name Score Trainer Team Rank
Thomas Migliorisi
Patricia Snider 72.37% Eileen & Jillian 1
Christina Thayer
Kelly Rapoport 57.93% Liz Keller 2
Ela Swicord
Lisa Calderaro 57.59% Eileen & Jillian 3
Dawn Lucci
Beth Wilson 56.88% Theresa Christensen 4
Kelly Walsh
Sharon Uss 49.81% Theresa Christensen 5
Irene Roche
Brian Roche 49.42% Theresa Christensen 6
Jacqueline Sachoor
Mia Flanagan 47.15% Theresa Christensen 7
Christina Laieta
Mark Laieta 44.09% Eileen & Jillian 8
Pina Prainito
Michelle Mathews 42.41%  TJ Lynch 9
Kathleen Finnegan
Katelyn Finnegan 41.94% Eileen & Jillian 10
Steven Matthews
Ryan Matthews 41.93%  TJ Lynch 11
Glori Coyle
Christine Mahon 36.70% Eileen & Jillian 12
Kim Demaio
Amy Dejoseph 35.47% Jackie Niciforo 13
Diane Limobardi
Carolyn Lilly 31.76% Theresa Christensen 14
Ellen Hogan
Jerry Hogan 31.15% Jackie Niciforo 15
Meg Ryan
Kerri Reino 30.17% Jackie Niciforo 16
Shae Boyle
Jen Boyle 30.05% Eileen & Jillian 17
Nancy Tchinnis
Gabrielle Anderson 26.66% Eileen & Jillian 18
Katie Shesh
Donna Termini 22.04% Eileen & Jillian 19
Bonnie Muno
Guisela Barrett 18.52% Eileen & Jillian 20
Scott Broderick
Don Hoffman 17.97% Eileen & Jillian 21
Lisa Weisse
Marissa McCann 15.93% Eileen & Jillian 22
Patty Della Universita
Dolores Falco 11.72% Eileen & Jillian 23
Lisa Mallen
Valerie Falzone 11.39% Liz Keller 24
Tricia Baldwin
Deb Melito 8.44% Eileen & Jillian 25
Sara Hoberman
Valerie Basile 3.56% Liz Keller 26
Nick DeMartino
Marissa DeMartino 3.30% Liz Keller 27

Complete Individual Results

Rank Name Tainer Team Score
1 Irene Roche Theresa Christensen 3 43.79%
2 Thomas Migliorisi Eileen & Jillian 4 40.63%
3 Pina Prainito TJ Lynch 1 38.22%
4 Christina Thayer Liz Keller 3 32.45%
5 Kathleen Finnegan Eileen & Jillian 13 31.82%
6 Patricia Snider Eileen & Jillian 4 31.73%
7 Glori Coyle Eileen & Jillian 8 30.51%
8 Dawn Lucci Theresa Christensen 5 30.21%
9 Ela Swicord Eileen & Jillian 10 29.19%
10 Lisa Calderaro Eileen & Jillian 10 28.41%
11 Kim Demaio Jackie Niciforo 4 27.95%
12 Christina Laieta Eileen & Jillian 15 27.52%
13 Beth Wilson Theresa Christensen 5 26.67%
14 Kelly Walsh Theresa Christensen 1 26.00%
15 Jacqueline Sachoor Theresa Christensen 4 25.95%
16 Kelly Rapoport Liz Keller 3 25.48%
17 Sharon Uss Theresa Christensen 1 23.81%
18 Diane Limobardi Theresa Christensen 2 22.04%
19 Steven Matthews TJ Lynch 3 21.71%
20 Nadine Schaefer Eileen & Jillian 6 21.60%
21 Ellen Hogan Jackie Niciforo 3 21.41%
22 Mia Flanagan Theresa Christensen 4 21.20%
23 Ryan Matthews TJ Lynch 3 20.23%
24 Bonnie Muno Eileen & Jillian 5 17.75%
25 Meg Ryan Jackie Niciforo 1 17.04%
26 Mark Laieta Eileen & Jillian 15 16.57%
27 Nancy Tchinnis Eileen & Jillian 12 16.53%
28 Shae Boyle Eileen & Jillian 7 16.32%
29 Lisa Mallen Liz Keller 1 13.99%
30 Jen Boyle Eileen & Jillian 7 13.73%
31 Andrew Manzo Eileen & Jillian 11 13.56%
32 Kerri Reino Jackie Niciforo 1 13.12%
33 Katie Shesh Eileen & Jillian 9 13.00%
34 Jeannine Terribile Jackie Niciforo 2 12.80%
35 Scott Broderick Eileen & Jillian 1 10.34%
36 Lisa Weisse Eileen & Jillian 2 10.30%
37 Alicia Roberto TJ Lynch 4 10.26%
38 Gabrielle Anderson Eileen & Jillian 12 10.14%
39 Katelyn Finnegan Eileen & Jillian 13 10.12%
40 Jerry Hogan Jackie Niciforo 3 9.74%
41 Carolyn Lilly Theresa Christensen 2 9.72%
42 Donna Termini Eileen & Jillian 9 9.04%
43 Patty Della Universita Eileen & Jillian 14 8.78%
44 Don Hoffman Eileen & Jillian 1 7.64%
45 Amy Dejoseph Jackie Niciforo 4 7.51%
46 Sara Hoberman Liz Keller 2 7.31%
47 Christine Mahon Eileen & Jillian 8 6.18%
48 Nick DeMartino Liz Keller 4 5.81%
49 Marissa McCann Eileen & Jillian 2 5.64%
50 Brian Roche Theresa Christensen 3 5.63%
51 Tricia Baldwin Eileen & Jillian 16 5.21%
52 Michelle Mathews TJ Lynch 1 4.18%
53 Deb Melito Eileen & Jillian 16 3.23%
54 Dolores Falco Eileen & Jillian 14 2.94%
55 Guisela Barrett Eileen & Jillian 5 0.77%
56 Marissa DeMartino Liz Keller 4 -2.51%
57 Valerie Falzone Liz Keller 1 -2.61%
58 Valerie Basile Liz Keller 2 -3.75%
59 Jonathan Interiano Eileen & Jillian 3 -5.10%

Click here to visit our Archive page to view past results.