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The Contest

The Contest - Spring 2024

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Thursday, February 29th through Tuesday, March 12th

Initial Assessments:

Friday, March 15th through Sunday, March 17th

Assessments are by appointment. You will schedule your assessments when you sign up.

Partner Training:

You’ll train 2 times a week for 10 weeks, from:

Monday, March 18th through Friday, May 24th.

(Workouts are scheduled with your trainer.)

Ending Assessments:

Friday, May 24th through Sunday, May 26st 

(also by appointment.)

Winners will be announced during the week of May 26th.

Members: $1,200.00

You may pay in full or in three installments.

If you choose installments, the initial installment of $400 is due when you sign up.  The remaining two installments of $400 each are charged to your account on April 1st and May 1st.


$1,450.00 -includes 3 months of full access membership (all classes included) and app access, or
$1,350.00 – includes 3 months of GYM+ access (no classes), plus app. 

You may pay in full or in three installments.

If you choose installments, the initial installment of $650 or $550 (depending on the membership access option you choose) is due when you sign up.  The remaining two installments of $400 each are charged to your account on April 1st and May 1st.

Contest Assessments

Important: Individuals with pacemakers or other electronic medical devices should not take the InBody assessment.

Assessments will be done using the InBody™ Body Composition Scanner to perform the assessments. InBody is the latest, most cutting-edge assessment tool available. In less than a minute, InBody changes the way you see yourself. The device looks right through you and delivers in-depth, comprehensive analysis data like no other assessment method. In this contest, we will be scoring contestants using two primary measurements and a formula provided by InBody for scoring. The key components are:

• Lean Body Mass (Goal: increase or maintain)
• Body Fat Mass (Goal: decrease)

NOTE: This is not a weight loss contest – losing weight properly – by retaining or gaining leam mass while losing body fat is the goal. Losing muscle mass will lower your score.

For the most accurate results, the following guidelines should be observed:

• Hydrate well the day before
• Do not drink caffeine on the day of your test
• Do not eat for 3-4 hours prior to testing
• Do not exercise 6-12 hours prior to testing
• Do not take InBody Test after a shower or sauna
• Do not consume alcohol for 24 hours prior to testing
• Ensure access to both feet with removable footwear (no socks or pantyhose)
• Do not wear jewelry- all jewelry will have to be removed prior to testing
• Measure after standing for at least 5 minutes
• For females, avoid having measurements during your menstrual period as total body water will be higher than normal

We will test you twice, once at the beginning of the contest to establish your initial measurements and then at the end of the contest to determine your improvement. We will then compare the starting measurements to your ending measurements and, using a proprietary InBody scoring algorithm, determine your score. We will use the same process to score each team.

The Scoring System

The formula we will use is called AWS, or Adjusted Weight System, which considers initial weight, lean body mass change, and body fat mass change all in one formula. The final score number is a percentage; the higher, the better.

Using the following InBody measurements:

Initial Weigh-In

Weight: 220.7

Initial Lean Body Mass (LBM): 150.4

Initial Body Fat Mass (BFM): 70.4

Final Weigh-In

Weight: 188.9

Final LBM: 153.9

Final BFM: 35.0

If you plug these numbers into the AWS formula, the final score is 57%.
The higher the percentage, the higher the placement. This formula also works for both genders, all fitness levels, and all body types as well, to ensure everyone has a fair shot at winning. 

If You Really Want to Know: AWS Formula

File this under more information than you probably need, but here’s the actual formula for those who are interested:

From the basic measurements, we compute the following values for the formula:

  • Initial LBM %: Initial LBM/Initial Weight
  • Lean Score: Final LBM – Initial LBM
  • Fat Score: Initial BFM – Final BFM

These variables are then applied in the following formula:

Initial LBM % * ((7.5*(Lean score) + 4.5 *(Fat score)) / Initial Weight = Your Score

Some advantages to this formula:

Because it is more difficult to add (or maintain) Lean Body Mass than it is to reduce Body Fat Mass (which usually can be accomplished through caloric restriction), the formula gives more weight to building or maintaining lean mass than it does to losing body fat. To gain muscle, you must:
1. Sleep well
2. Get enough proteins
3. Drink a lot of water
4. Have a good hormone profile (normal or elevated testosterone)
5. Good workout program
6. Eat enough fat (for hormones)
7. Eat in a caloric surplus

Adjustment for Fitness Level
Because it is harder for a fit individual to change their body composition, the raw score is multiplied by the Percent Lean Mass at the initial weigh-in. This means that an individual that is 70% LBM (30% Body Fat) is expected to make more positive changes than an individual that is 90% LBM (10% Body Fat).

Adjustment for Body Type
Finally, the score is then divided by the Total Weight at weigh-in into account for differences in body type. For example, a 250 lb individual would need to make more positive changes than an individual that weighs 120 lbs.

Note: We use these scoring methods in this contest instead of weight loss because not all weight loss is equal. We are seeking to encourage healthy, sustainable weight loss through the loss of body fat while emphasizing the retention or increase of lean mass (muscle). We are confident that the InBody device, along with the AWS scoring system provides the best contest scoring method.

You and your partner will train 2 times a week for 10 weeks with your trainer. 20 Partner Training sessions in all. 

In-person training is supplemented by the FI Coach features on the FI+ App, including:

Expanded Monthly Exercise Calendar

The Exercise Calendar will include additional exercise days with the capability to:

  • Log workouts
  • Track progress in and out of the gym
  • Let your trainer observe your overall progress

Custom Nutrition Goals

Nutrition Goals will include:

  • Meal tracking on the app
  • Sample meal plans on the app
  • Easy-to-follow diet macros

Synch with your Exercise Wearables

  • Including your Apple Watch and many more

Two-way On-App Text Communication

  • Communicate with your trainer through the FI+ App
  • Notifications and workout reminders
  • Real-time feedback

NOTE: You MUST download and install the FI+ App to get the FI Coach experience. If you have not yet installed the app, please email us at, and we will send you an invitation email. 

Prizes: Yes, there are prizes! They will be awarded to top teams and individuals and include stuff like free Personal Training packages, Spa & Salon Gift Cards, and Much More!

Prizes depend upon the number of participants – the more participants, the bigger the rewards!

There are a few simple rules:

  • No Fitness Incentive fitness professionals (instructors or trainers) can participate in the contest. (Other non-fitness staff may participate)
  • Participants will be required to show proof of identification (such as a driver’s license) that shows their date of birth.
  • Please refer to the contest contract for additional rules.

If you’re interested in joining The Contest – Spring 2024, here’s what you should do:


If it’s your first contest, or if you have questions about this one, stop by the front desk. They’re ready to help.  


Stop by the Desk to Sign Up! You’ll need to make your initial down payment. If you prefer to pay in three installments, they will be billed to your account. Registration ends on 3/12/24, and trainers’ schedules fill up quickly, so don’t hesitate if you’re interested.


Pick a trainer and grab a partner! If you know who you’d like to train with, just let us know when you sign up. If you’re unsure – and many are – let us know your schedule, availability, and training goal, and we’ll find a partner and trainer for you.

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