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Sound nutritional advice can be hard to come by, and this scarcity is the reason Eat Smart was developed. Eat Smart is a broad range of nutritional services tailor-made to individual dietary needs and goals. Do you want to lose weight and inches? Of course Eat Smart can help, but it can also help you to build lean muscle, reduce dietary risk factors, or just improve your ability to make sensible dietary choices. Eat Smart is not about the so-called “nutrition” of the latest fad diet, or the punishing regimen of starving yourself, but is instead nutrition based on educated, sensible eating. The flexibility of Eat Smart gives the program the potential to benefit everyone — or at least anyone who eats!  In short, Eat Smart is hype-free and results driven—it’s the real deal. Eat Smart is designed by a dietitian registered with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and certified by New York State. Adult and children weight loss programs, as well as corporate wellness series are available for individual or group settings. Counseling sessions are also offered for diet related conditions such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, severe obesity, gastrointestinal disorders, pre and postnatal nutrition and heart disease. Sessions are individualized and include nutrition risk assessment, diet education, personalized meal planning, recipes and instruction on healthy eating and lifestyle changes. Sessions are conducted in a private and comfortable setting.

How To Get Started…

Eat Smart Consultations 
The initial consultation is the first step in understanding your diet and how it may be affecting your ability to achieve your weight management, health, and fitness goals.  Eat Smart is the place to begin your nutritional education. Build a program to meet your individual requirements, and stay “on-track” using analysis, nutritional education, and establishing (and reaching!) realistic goals.

Online Consultation 
“Eat Smart!” personalized counseling is available from your own home on your own computer! If it is difficult to find time to physically visit an office in Babylon set up your appointment via Skype! This is a great way to get the accountability you need, help in meal planning and staying on track even with a limited schedule. To learn more or get started email [email protected]

Additional Services Available
The opportunities are endless- if you can think it up it we can probably do it! Need help grocery shopping, organizing your kitchen or menu planning? Want to run a workshop in your home, office or church? Want a nutritionist to visit your school? All of these services and more are available. Contact [email protected] to work out the details.

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Eat Smart Workshops

Look for signs and e-mails announcing Eat Smart nutritional workshops and meetings led by a registered dietitian. Topics will include current diet trends, the basics of nutrition, healthy eating hints, cooking tips, and other hot topics.  Check the Event Calendar.

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More About Eat Smart…

Raechel Ezelius

Meet Rachel Ezelius, the founder of Eat Smart.
Rachel is a Dietitian registered with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and certified by New York State.

Eat Smart Videos

Eat Smart Success Stories

Dawn and Rae

Dawn Moore

“I began with Eat Smart at the end of October 2011.  At that time, I was frustrated.  Now, thanks to Eat Smart, I eat half of what I had been eating and I’m never hungry.  And I’ve lost 25 pounds. People in the gym will come up to me complement me on my appearance, but as they do they will ask “Aren’t you hungry all the time?” I kind of smile and send them to Rachel! I spend much less time these days thinking about what I’m going to eat than I used to.  It’s very liberating!”

Dawn Moore

Dawn, Before Eat Smart

With Eat Smart, Dawn has lost: 2″ off her arms, 4″ off her chest, 2″ off her shoulders, 6″ off her waist, 2″ off her hips, 5″ off her legs

Jason After

Jason Zove

“The Eat Smart lifestyle is my reality…” “Since my very first appointment (April 24th, 2012), I have lost 40 pounds and more than 10 percent body fat (now at 24%) as well as a loss of 2.5 inches in my bicep, 6 inches in my chest, 4 inches in my shoulders, 9 inches in my waist and 5 inches in my hips.”

Jason Before

Jason Before Eat Smart

Jason before and after 6 weeks of Eat Smart:
Cholesterol 300 to 133.  Triglycerides >1700 to 250. FGL* 260 to 120.  HA1c** 10.1 to 6.7
Normal cholesterol is 100-199 Normal Triglycerides figure is around 100
*Fasting Glucose Level **Hemoglobin A1c. Diabetics should be under 7.0 and normal is under 6.0

In June, Jason’s physician took him off insulin and dropped other of his medications!