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Tired of Fad Diets?

You’re Ready to Eat Smart!

Eat Smart at Fitness Incentive is the missing piece to the puzzle when it comes to achieving your Health and Fitness goals. Sound nutritional advice can be hard to come by, and this scarcity is the reason Eat Smart was developed.

Eat Smart, run by Nutritionist, Liz Keller, is a broad range of nutritional counseling services tailor-made to individual dietary needs and goals. Liz’s experience working with clients of all ages has helped make the program successful and has helped clients achieve long-lasting lifestyle changes.

Eat Smart is not about the so-called “nutrition” of the latest fad diet, or the punishing regimen of starving yourself, but is instead nutrition based on educated, sensible eating. The flexibility of Eat Smart gives the program the potential to benefit everyone — or at least anyone who eats!  Eat Smart is a hype-free and results-driven program.

Sessions are individualized and include nutrition risk assessment, diet education, personalized meal planning, recipes, and instruction on healthy eating and lifestyle changes. Sessions are conducted in a private and comfortable setting or online.

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    Getting Started

    Eat Smart Consultations

    The initial consultation is the first step in understanding your diet and how it may be affecting your ability to achieve your weight management, health, and fitness goals.  Eat Smart is the place to begin your nutritional education. Build a program to meet your individual requirements, and stay “on-track” using analysis, nutritional education, and establishing (and reaching!) realistic goals.

    Online Consultation

    “Eat Smart!” personalized counseling is available from your own home on your own computer! If it is difficult to find time to physically visit an office in Babylon, set up your appointment via Skype! This is a great way to get the accountability you need, help in meal planning and staying on track, even with a limited schedule. To learn more or get started email

    Additional Services Available

    The opportunities are endless. If you can think it up, we can probably do it! Need help grocery shopping, organizing your kitchen or menu planning? Want to run a workshop in your home, office or church? Want a nutritionist to visit your school? All of these services and more are available. Contact to work out the details.

    Meet Liz

    Liz Keller is a Nutritionist with a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition & Dietetics from Queens College. She is a certified CDC National DDP Lifestyle Coach through Solera Health and is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Human Nutrition from Bridgeport University.

    She has worked as a nutritionist since 2013 with experience working for a national nutrition & weight loss company and having established nutritional programs at other fitness facilities. Her approach to nutritional counseling can be described as mindful eating. Mindful eating involves paying attention to how the food you are eating is making you feel and not restricting certain types of food and labeling them as good or bad. While fad diets and quick fixes are popular, her goal is to help clients succeed in making lifestyle changes, so they never feel like they are “dieting” and can learn to build a better relationship with food.
    Work with Liz to develop a program to meet your individualized dietary needs, and stay accountable using biometrical measurements, one on one education, and continuous support. Her services include but are not limited to
    • weight loss plans
    • muscle building programs
    • personalized dietary plans
    • macro-based diet plants
    • mindset training
    • nutritional consultation
    • group and corporate presentations
    Meet Liz

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The initial consultation is $100 and includes a 45-minute session and a customized meal plan plus a 15 minute follow up session to go over the meal plan. Follow up sessions and those range from $45-55 a session depending on how many are bought at a time.

    The initial consultation is 45-60 minutes.
    Follow up sessions are 20-30 minutes.

    Unfortunately, insurance is not accepted as a form of payment but information and receipts can be provided if your insurance offers reimbursement.

    Of course! Our nutritionist has experience with many types of diets. This includes but is not limited to gluten-free, dairy-free, keto, paleo, Whole30, Mediterranean, and food allergies.

    Yes. The amount of time of each session and price will vary with more than one person but having the support of a friend while making lifestyle changes has been shown to be highly effective.

    Yes. Macro based plans can be discussed with the nutritionist. Plans can be made based on data provided through the Inbody 570 or previous experience following a macro-based plan. Requests for macro-based plans that are unrealistic or no conducive to health goals will not be provided.

    Yes. Many clients feel like if they can’t follow a specific meal plan 100% than they are not doing the program correctly. A flexible plan can be made to prevent this, or the use of food diaries or food tracking systems can be used in replace of this.

    No. This is not a quick fix diet and each person’s program is individualized to them. If protein shakes are something you enjoy and want to be included in your plan, then this can be done, however, it is not required.

    Eat Smart Recipes

    Healthy Eating Made Easy!
    These recipes are healthy, fun and easy. But most of all, they taste great!
    Find Recipies