Sharon Donnelly

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    Sharon Donnelly

    Sharon Donnelly is one of FI’s original riders, teaching fitness and cycling for over 25 + years.  Sharon likes to relate to her Cyclers in a very personal way, creating challenging and energized profiles.  She encourages riders have fun, feel the music, and find their own inner strength. Each and every ride should be their own unique journey. Sharon is a 5th grade teacher and is motivated by her love of teaching, in school and at the gym. She loves to sing into the mic, tell stories, and make you work hard.  You will definitely leave her class drenched.

    Words to live by: Become the most POSITIVE, enthusiastic person you know!

    Favorite music to ride to: A love of all genres of music with a strong beat!

    I couldn’t live without: My husband and kids (and peanut butter)

    Favorite artist: Right now I’m loving anything Florence and the Machine