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Keryn Arnold

Keryn is a Babylon native who developed her passion for fitness and competition at an early age. She was a multi-sport varsity high school athlete, and continued developing her love of athletics throughout college. She graduated from the University of Delaware with a Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Leadership. After graduation, she joined the Fitness Incentive family as a member, and was quickly hooked by Erin Frawley’s 5pm Sculpt class. Two years, hundreds of classes, and one small nudge from Cor later, she got certified to teach group fitness and has never looked back. She feels like there is nothing like her FI family, and feels honored to be a part of it.


Functional Training

Physique Transformation


Post-Rehab Exercise Specialist

Words to live by: “She needed a hero, so that’s what she became.”

Favorite music to exercise to: Rap/hip-hop

What motivates you?: The intrinsic drive to be my best self. I am addicted to feeling strong, capable, and powerful; making health and fitness top priorities in my life help me achieve that. Furthermore, being able to share my love of fitness and help others find that same love and drive is an incredible opportunity I am able to practice, and pushes me to be better, faster, and stronger.

Guilty pleasure: Law & Order: SVU reruns; Pumpkin beer

Certifications: AFAA Group Ex Instructor