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Spring  2019   Volume 28   Issue 1


What’s Happening at FI Spring 2019

The Annual Contest, New Equipment, and a Busy Spring Calendar

Cor’s Corner: Dining Out Do’s and Don’ts

Dining out is often the biggest challenge a healthy diet can face. Here’s how to exert control and make smart but still delicious choices.

Meet Your Welcoming Committee

The gym was built from the ground up on a foundation of friendship which was and continues to be a cornerstone of our business.

Ten Good Reasons to Cycle at Fitness Incentive

Cycling class can be a “life-changing” addition to your workout!

The Five Pillars of Fitness

Focus on the Five Pillars of Fitness: Strength, Endurance, Mobility, Body Composition and Lifestyle.

Introducing My Alter Ego, “Work Annie”

Meet Work Annie – The Little Alter-Ego That Could.

Four Tips For Diet Success

Most diets fail for the same reasons: The goals are too ambitious, and timeframes too short, and the diets too restrictive.

50 Before 50

This list has given me the focus I need to accomplish the goals I had talked about but had no intention of ever really doing.

Pilates for Musicians

Playing can create poor posture in musicians when not playing or performing, which increases the risk for imbalance, chronic pain, and injury.

Payton’s Journey

Transformations don’t happen overnight by any means. But A LOT can change in a year.

Spring Time is Skin Time

Two fabulous cosmetic laser treatments that will get your skin ready for the season are Phototherapy and Laser Hair Removal.

CBD: The Miracle Alternative

CBD based products from Axil Wellness are Now Available at Incentives Organic Spa & Salon

Get Real

Being there in a REAL class – It’s like a wave that washes over the room and that energy propels you to push yourself just a little bit further

Boat Ride

Discover the many benefits Full-boat and Half-boat yoga poses will give you.

Let It Pound!

Instead of just listening to music, Pound lets you become the music in a fun, full-body workout.

Stay In the Game With Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an effective method for both treating and preventing sports injuries.

Glute Lab

The Glute Lab focuses on the glutes like a laser!

Saving Hazel

If Hazel had had a Restorative Yoga practice, she might have had a different expression on her face in that photo.

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