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Safety Protocols

After having been shut down by NYS since March 16th, Fitness Incentive reopened on Monday, August 31st.  There are many new rules to help us operate safely and under the guidelines established by New York State. Here’s a summary:

Safety First!

Fitness Incentive will meet or exceed New York State safety protocols. These include:

  • We will administer daily health screenings for all employees and members as you enter the facility. You will be asked about your health and your temperature will be taken with a non-contact thermometer.
    • If you are not feeling well, please do not come to the gym.
    • If there is any change in your health you are required to inform us.
  • Masks will be required for members and employees, as per state regulations, at all times while you are in the gym (except when eating or drinking). There are several companies making “athletic-friendly” masks for use while exercising, including Halo Life, Under Armor, Athleta, New Balance, Space Masks, and others. We strongly recommend you invest in a good quality mask for exercise, and that you clean it daily. We will have masks for sale.
  • Capacity will be capped at 33% (83 people). To accomplish this, we will require you check-in when you arrive and check out when you leave. Our software will keep track of the actual number of members in the gym at all times, and we will share this information with you.
  • All weight and cardio equipment will be at least 6 feet apart or turned off if they can’t be relocated. We will clean each piece of equipment after use. You should also protect yourself by cleaning the equipment you are about to use before you use it.
  • All classes will be limited in capacity to provide for at least 6 feet of space between all participants. All classes will require a reservation. You will be able to make the reservation through the mobile app and our website.
  • We have installed MERV13 air filters on all of our Ac units, as required by New York State.
  • We have implemented expanded cleaning protocols to ensure all equipment is cleaned after use.
  • We are staggering classes to make entering and exiting less congested and to provide for more capacity in the general gym.
  • We have installed hands-free cleaning solution dispensers to complement our hands-free towel dispensers. Hand sanitizing stations are available around the gym. You should use them frequently.
  • The saunas, locker rooms, and water fountains will not be available at this time. Bottled water will be available for sale, or you can bring your own.
  • The nursery and cafe will remain closed at this time.
  • We’ve deployed over a dozen UV-C light units throughout the gym and will be doing a scheduled nightly disinfecting of the entire facility with UV-C light.
Phone Schedule

The New “Normal”

To manage the cleaning requirements and capacity restrictions, we will be making several changes to how we operate. These will be assessed after we open and adjusted as needed, or as required by changes to the state regulations.

Hours of Operation

Our hours of operation will be reduced when we first open. We will adjust hours as necessary.

Monday – Thursday: 5:00am – 1:00pm and 4:00pm – 8:00pm
Friday: 5:00am – 1:00pm
Saturday: 6:00am – 1:00pm
Sunday: 7:00am – 12:00pm

Note: The nursery will not be open at this time.

Capacity Considerations
  • The gym is permitted to operate at 33% capacity. This allows us to have a maximum of 83 people in the gym.
  • Classes are more severely restricted and must provide for at least 6 feet between participants. This translates to 22 people in the main aerobic room (using 8 ft distancing), 14 in the cycling room, and 11 in the yoga room.
  • To avoid congestion entering and exiting the classrooms and the facility, we will be staggering classes, so there will not be two classes starting at the same time.
  • The restriction on class size, along with the staggering of class times, will reduce our overall attendance significantly, even in peak hours. We’re also going to move some classes outside, for now, further reducing the number of people that will be in the gym.
    • Outdoor classes will be under the carport and will have significant capacity. Masks are not required outdoors, but reservations will be necessary.
  • In our recent survey of our members, only 55% indicated that they will be returning to the gym when we reopen. So we also anticipate a much lower than usual number of people using the gym in general.
  • In addition, we will be implementing capacity control software that will enable us to know exactly how many people are in the gym at any given moment. To support this feature, you will be required to check-in when you arrive, and check out when you leave the gym.

Reservations Policy

Inconsideration of the measures we are taking to control capacity, while reservations will be required for classes and personal training, we are not requiring them, at this time, for general gym usage (using cardio and weight equipment). However, to ensure each member has an opportunity to workout, all members will be limited to 90 minutes maximum at the gym.

  • Our capacity control software will let members know, through our website and app, how many people are in the gym at any time. We anticipate adequate capacity to handle the regular gym activity. You’ll be able to check the number of people at the gym before you decide to come down to work out.
  • It is possible that you may arrive when the gym is at capacity. If so, you’ll be asked to wait for a member to leave and open up a spot. We feel this is a simple and workable solution, given the anticipated attendance. We will monitor this to make sure it is working and will implement reservations if needed.


The new class schedule will be published shortly and will offer approximately 50 classes per week to start. Classes will be offered indoors, outdoors, and via our video channel. Indoor and outdoor classes will have limits on attendance to insure social distancing protocols are observed. They will require a reservation, which can be easily made using the app, or on our website. Video classes are available both live and on-demand, also through our website for all active members. No reservations are required for video classes.

Only members will be able to reserve classes, and we ask that you reserve only one class per day at this time. 

  • We recommend that you bring your own mat and towel to class. You may also want to bring a back-up mask in case you sweat a lot. 

Personal Training

Most of our trainers are ready to return to work, so personal training will resume on August 31st. We will work with the trainers to allocate training time under capacity controls, and all sessions will be scheduled to work under these limits.

  • Both you and your trainer will be required to wear masks while training. Distancing protocols will be followed to the greatest degree possible while training. You and your trainer will be required to avoid sharing equipment, and for cleaning any equipment you use.

Membership – Your Options

As we reopen on August 31st, Membership billing will resume on September 1st, 2020. You have 2 options:

  • Reactivate your membership.
    Billing will restart 9/1, and you’ll resume your membership under the guidelines described above. Your account will be credited with any freeze time you are owed from the lockdown period. If we do not hear from you to the contrary, we will reactivate you and you will be billed on 9/1.

  • Continue on Billing Freeze.
    We completely understand that there are many reasons you may not be comfortable or able to return to the gym at this time. If so, you can remain on billing freeze. We will reevaluate this policy each month as the COVID situation evolves. You will not be billed unless you decide to reactivate.

    • If you are considering canceling your membership because you’re not ready to return, you may want to continue to freeze it instead. This will allow you to retain your current rate when you decide to reactivate.
    • If you are not ready to reactivate your membership at this time please email us at [email protected] IMMEDIATELY and let us know. Our billing is automated and will be processed unless you inform us of your intention to stay on billing freeze by August 26th.

Although the restrictions will make reopening a challenge, our commitment to you is unchanged. We will be working through the reopening process with you, adjusting as we go, with the same goal as always: to provide you with an exceptional fitness experience. We are committed to seeing this through and emerging stronger than ever. Thank you for your patience during this difficult period, and for your loyalty and support for these many years!

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    Joe Virzi please keep me on freeze. Our

  • Shari August 28, 2020

    Where can I see the indoor gym schedule?

  • Ken Brown August 28, 2020


  • Ken Brown August 28, 2020

    We’re having some technical difficulty on our website, but you can see the schedule on our mobile app.

  • Ken Brown August 28, 2020


  • Ela Swicord August 28, 2020

    Can’t wait to see you all soon.Please keep my account frozen for the month of September

  • Ken Rogers August 29, 2020

    Congratulations Cor, Ken, and family looking forward to seeing you monday. Please update my email so I can stay informed

  • Daconta Frank August 29, 2020

    I’m looking forward to come back . Hands-down the only gym I would even consider going to during these times.

  • Debra mezzacappa August 30, 2020

    Hi I emailed yesterday to continue my membership and Kristen said I was all set , my app is not working and I was trying to book spin tomorrow @9:30. Thanks

  • Shari Smith August 30, 2020

    I have missed my morning coffee with my fitness incentive family can’t wait to see everyone!!!

  • Ken Brown September 1, 2020

    Debra – Has this been resolved?

  • Ken Brown September 1, 2020

    Thank you!!

  • Ken Brown September 1, 2020

    Thanks, Ken! Your email has been updated. See you soon!

  • Ken Brown September 1, 2020

    See you at the gym, Shari!

  • Ken Brown September 1, 2020

    I’m sorry – we got this message too late to stop the 9/1 debit. I can refund it for you or apply it to your membership by extending it another month when you return. Please let me know what you’d like to do. Reply to [email protected]


  • Annemarie Pollard September 2, 2020


    On 8/24 I requested my membership remain on freeze via email however I was charged yesterday for the month of September. Can you please freeze my membership and refund the monthly charge. I forwarded the email again yesterday but received no response.

    Thank you
    Annemarie Pollard

  • Chris Barker September 2, 2020

    My husband and I belong through Globalfit and wish to resume our membership. Will
    This happen automatically or do We have to contact them to resume our monthly deductions?

  • Christine Barker September 3, 2020

    If I joined the gym through Globalfit years ago will those deductions automatically start up again? I never canceled the membership. They just stopped the deductions when the shut-down started and I’ve tried calling them. They only allow you to leave a call-back message that they have not yet responded to.

  • Ken Brown September 6, 2020

    Global Fit will restart your membership. Once they contact us we will reinstate it. We’ve seen other Global Fit members reactivated. So I would wait a couple of days and if you’re still not activated, contact them again.

  • Ken Brown September 6, 2020

    I apologize for the oversight. I have reversed the Sept charge and put your account on billing freeze. When you’re ready to come back, let us know and we’ll reinstate you.


  • Ken Brown September 6, 2020


    Definitely contact Global Fit to restart your membership. They’ll email us.


  • Ok thanks Ken We will sit tight September 8, 2020

    Ok thanks we will sit tight

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    Did you ever hear back from Global Fit?


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