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Secretly Chic

The Boutique @ Fitness Incentive

Fitness Incentive has long been Long Island’s best-kept fashion secret. “Hidden” in our innocent looking health club is an incredible fashion boutique, featuring fashions from some of the most sought-after designers. Stuff you might find in Soho, but not Long Island, and certainly not in a health club…except this one! Designers like Spiritual Gangster, Elan, Hidden Jeans, Fate by LFD, Numero Uno Denim, JAK+The Nu Vintage, FreeLoader, Hashttag, and many more!

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Great Workout Wear

We carry some of the coolest, most practical, most comfortable workout wear you’ll find. Featuring great brands like Strut-This, NUX, Spiritual Gangster, and more.

Great FI Logo Wear

We also carry an ever-changing line of Fitness Incentive logo wear, including hats, sweatshirts, tanks, tees, and hoodies, as well as men’s shorts and tees and more. Show your FI pride!

Great Footwear

We also offer some of the finest athletic and casual footwear on the market: Top rated workout footwear as well as top rated running and cross-training and running shoes from Saucony, Soucony Socks, and Cobian USA.