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Fitness Incentive has acquired a well-deserved reputation for being an exceptionally clean gym. Among our members, our cleanliness is legendary. “Spotless”, they say, or “So clean you can eat off the floor.” And cleanliness is always important, although somewhat rare among gyms. But it’s never been more important than it is right now. Sure, we have outstanding instructors leading amazing classes – indoors, outdoors, and video. Of course, we have exceptional personal trainers and state-of-the-art equipment. And we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the industry, in terms of innovation and especially member experience. There’s a reason that we’ve won the Best of Long Island 23 times and have been awarded Operator of the Year in  2018, 19, and 20 by the CEA, a global organization that tracks fitness club member satisfaction.

But this very moment, all of that is secondary to one thing: cleanliness.

You may be on the fence about joining a gym. You may be thinking, “Yeah, I really need to get back to  working out, lose some of my pandemic weight, and just start feeling better about myself.” But the doubts and fear are keeping you away. We get it. But there’s also a trade-off, because not coming to the gym, because not being physically fit has very real risks of its own. So the key is to strike a balance – work out in the safest environment possible, but work out.

That’s why we’re offering this two-week trial membership. Come and see for yourself everything that Fitness Incentive has done – and is doing – to provide you with a safe, clean, and fun environment to get fit in.  It’s two weeks and fifty bucks – but it could change your life. Give it a try!

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