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New Year New You

With F.I. Coach and Personal Trainer Jackie Niciforo

New Year New You

In-Person Consultation + Virtual Training

New Year New You is an 8-week program hosted on the FI+ app that consists of 4 virtual workouts per week on the FI+ app: 2 upper body days and 2 lower body days. The program kicks off with an in-person consultation with Jackie, during which she will perform an InBody assessment/consultation and guided set-up of your personalized custom macros. Jackie will also be available throughout the program via the app for check-ins.

Features include:

  • 32 total virtual workouts
  • Custom macro tracking
  • Inbody scanning
  • Initial in-person consultation with Jackie
  • Open Enrollment – Visit the Front Desk to sign up
  • Investment: $200

Additional F.I. Coach features:

  • Personal in-app calendar with workouts, weight check-ins, cardio sessions, and progress markers.
  • Sets/ Reps/Weight lifted tracking to optimize strength and muscle progression, reviewable by you and your trainers.
  • Two-way messaging through the app to go over any questions or concerns, with the ability to set up in-person meetings to problem-solve and modify the program
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