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Matrix Performance Plus Treadmills

Matrix Performance Plus Treadmill

Coming This November…

The state-of-the-art Matrix Performance Plus Treadmill with Touch XL Console is due to arrive at F.I. mid-month. This exceptional new treadmill sets a new standard with a shock-absorbing slat-belt and a powerful drive system that makes even the most intense runs feel comfortable, solid and smooth.  Features include:

Touch XL Console
WiFi-enabled Touch XL Console features an app-based interface that mirrors familiar smartphone and tablet operating systems, making it easy to connect to the content that keep you moving.

Wireless Charging
Wireless charging allows you to charge your personal devices while keeping your screens in view.

Connects to Apple Watch
Connects to Apple Watch for more accurate workout tracking and consolidated user data when you add optional touch-free RFID login.

Included WiFi compatibility lets you connect in the way that works best for you.

Virtual Active workouts transport you to exotic locales all over the world. The beautiful forward motion, high-definition footage speeds up or slows down to match the your pace, and resistance or incline varies to match the terrain. When it comes to the most immersive workout available, nothing can take you on a journey like Virtual Active.

Premium Run Feel
The exclusive Pure Stride Cushioning System provides a solid, shock-absorbing experience comparable to running on a premium-quality track.

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