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“To become a master of your craft, you must love what you’re doing. I do! And that’s what feeds my passion for this industry.”
  • Toni Tesoriere

We are very excited to welcome Toni Tesoriere to Incentives Organic Spa & Salon.

Toni is an esthetician and barber who combines over 25 years of experience with an unquenchable desire to learn, grow, and innovate. A Fitness Incentive member for about seven years, she didn’t have much awareness of Incentives until she was introduced to it by Cor.
“Cor knew my profession,” says Toni, “and in talking to her, I mentioned that I was preparing to return to beauty school. ‘Great!’ she said. ‘I want you in Incentives!’”

It Starts When She Was Young

Toni’s desire to become a beauty professional began at a very young age. Her mother was a hairdresser, and Toni spent a lot of time in the shop alongside her. “I guess you can say that it’s just in my blood, almost like second nature,” she says.

She complemented this practical exposure to the life and the work experienced in a busy shop with formal education, which began in high school. She’d completed a 1,000-hour cosmetology program by the time she’d graduated. Immediately, she began working in a unisex shop. “At the age of 19,” she continues, “I decided that I wanted to expand my skill-set and began working under a Master Barber. At this point, I knew I was on to something! Getting creative with shorter hairstyles for both women and men had become a passion of mine. I studied at The Barber Institute of New York and became a Master Barber myself.”

Her learning journey didn’t end there, however. Toni recently graduated from the Long Island Nail Skin & Hair Institute as a New York State-licensed Esthetician. “I believe that to evolve as a beauty professional, you must keep up with new styles, trends, procedures, and products. The learning process — research, training, practical experience — is continuous.”

The Master

To speak with Toni is to find oneself in the presence of a person who loves all aspects of her chosen profession. There’s the practical side, which is plainly evident when she discusses the latest procedural innovations and technologies. Of equal (at least) importance is the creative aspect. “I’m very much a hands-on person,” she says. “I love nothing better than to get in there, learn what my clients are reaching for, then develop and execute the process that will fulfill them.” The results are, of course, the primary goal, but for Toni personally, the journey and the destination are of inseparable importance.

Then there is the interpersonal aspect. “I love the process of helping my clients look and feel their best,” she says. “To do my small part to help them feel better about themselves. Interacting with a client is building a relationship. I have knowledge and experience, of course, but I don’t believe in ‘pushing.’ The products and services (and results) should speak for themselves. As you move through the day, when you like your hair, and your skin feels and looks good…you feel better. I feel privileged to be able to contribute to people’s lives in this way.”

What’s New and Exciting

Toni brings two exciting new services to the Incentives menu. First, as a Master Barber, she is a short-hairstyle specialist. “I love developing shorter-length hairstyles for both men and women,” she says. “If you are looking for a trendy short woman’s style, Incentives is now your salon. If you’re looking for a fade, a taper, or an edgy male style, then I am definitely the barber for you! I am also skilled in using a straight razor for anyone looking for that extra fine detail.”

Second, Toni is a Geneo Skin Care specialist as well. “Geneo bills itself as the Facial Of The Future, and I believe it is. I love the Geneo approach. It combines clinically vetted and patented technology with a selection of special ingredients formulated to address your individual treatment needs. Age and skin type don’t matter – Geneo has a treatment option for everyone. It’s natural, non-invasive, personalized, long-lasting, and is the most exciting skincare technology I’ve ever encountered throughout my career.”

With so much to offer, Toni’s arrival is a boon to Incentives Organic Spa & Salon — to our staff and, of course, most especially our guests. Her skills are only matched by her excitement and personality: “To become a master of your craft,” says Toni, “you must love what you’re doing. I do! And that’s what feeds my passion for this industry.”

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Paul Smith

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