Sabrina Morici

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    Sabrina Morici

    Sabrina Morici found her way to Pilates through her Yoga practice. Sabrina began her Yoga practice in 2019. Her practice began as a sequence of stretches and breathwork to calm her racing mind before bed and quickly began to grow. Sabrina says her mind became clearer and her body less weighed down by tightness and pain. Yoga and Meditation became an almost daily ritual. As she learned more, Sabrina’s practice grew stronger, and so did her love for learning and sharing the wisdom she had acquired.    

    After graduating from college in 2020, Sabrina knew she wanted to share yoga’s physical, mental, and spiritual benefits. After completing her training, she was looking for spaces to teach and was drawn to Fitness Incentive, and she feels “so lucky to have been .” Sabrina says, “I have been able to meet so many more amazing students, and it was here I was really introduced to Pilates .”Sabrina continues, “At Fitness Incentive, I began training under Dina, who took me under her wing to guide me.  

    With the knowledge of Pilates, I have improved my personal fitness practice and have been inspired to teach it as well. 

    Yoga and Pilates share the wisdom of mindfulness, each in their own unique way. This provides relief from stress and anxiety and the cultivation of peace in each present moment. These two practices also combine strengthening and lengthening postures to allow the body to be strong, properly aligned, and free of uncomfortable tension. I am so proud of the physical, mental, and spiritual growth I have seen in myself and my students since beginning these practices, and look forward to inspiring such growth in others.” 

    In addition to teavhing yoga and Pilates classes, Sabrina is available for private, partner, and small group Pilates reformer sessions at Fitness Incentive.