Nicole Santaniello

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    Nicole Santaniello, CPT

    Nicole Santaniello is an ISSA-certified Personal Trainer. Aside from being in the gym, Nicole has a passion for running, having started in middle school. She began as a sprinter and is now an endurance runner. Part of a running team, Nicole has run half- and full marathons and plans to run many more in the future.

    Health, encompassing both mental and physical fitness, has always been a passion for Nicole. Throughout her life, she has competed in sports, and she’s found that pushing herself both mentally and physically has given her great satisfaction.

    “The body is capable of hard things,” says Nicole, “but it’s the mind you need to convince. This is something I have always told myself when stepping on that start line at the track, and it’s something I want to instill into others. Health and Fitness are more than an outside look, it starts from the inside. Strong mind, strong body!”


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