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    Kellie Meigel CPT

    Kellie Meigel is certified as a Personal Trainer/Health Fitness Instructor by the Academy of Applied Training Education at Hofstra University, and is also CPR/AED adult and infant-certified. Kellie has been interested in health and fitness since she was a teenager, but it was after the birth of her second child that she became serious about strength training and was able to transform her body from post-baby to be healthier and fitter than ever before, eventually taking first place at the WNBF figure competition is New York.“I’ve trained clients of all ages from high school athletes to seniors,” says Kellie. “My emphasis is teaching the mind-body connection with exercise so my clients can get the most out of their workouts. My philosophy is that you can’t give in.  Too many people put obstacles in their paths.  I like to show people that with work and dedication they can overcome those obstacles and live as a healthier, happier version of themselves. Never worry about what life tells you what you can or cannot do.  If you put your mind to it and roll up your sleeves, you can’t lose!”


    Functional Training

    Physique Transformation


    Post-Rehab Exercise Specialist

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