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    Eileen Jacinth CPT

    Eileen Jacinth is an AAAI/ISMA-certified Personal Trainer, a Group Exercise Instructor, and a certified Spin Instructor. “Most of us have limited time and short energy reserves, so we need to maximize our efforts as much as possible. Like most people, I want “instant gratification,” so seeing results right away is a TOP priority. My fitness philosophy focuses on my “SMART FITNESS” routines. These workouts use multiple body parts simultaneously to not only maximize your training potential, but cut your exercise time in half. Be prepared for Functional Training at its best. With TRX, bars, and bands, my program will help you lose weight and inches while building up endurance and stamina. Eileen’s motto “Work SMARTER, not harder.” Specialties include small group and partner training, and private clients upon request.


    Functional Training

    Physique Transformation


    Post-Rehab Exercise Specialist

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    Shredding For The Wedding

    Katie’s only daughter was getting married, and she was looking for a change (or, at a minimum, jacked arms).

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