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    Courtney Musumeci

    Courtney Musumeci found her way to Pilates through Yoga. Courtney started practicing yoga about four years ago to help with the physical symptoms of Lyme Disease. The first class Courtney ever took was a Bikram Hot Yoga class, and she continued exploring various yoga styles. Courtney became yoga certified in 2020.  

    When I asked Courtney how she found her way to Fitness Incentive, she said: 

    “When I had to change gyms back in December, my first option was FI, and I felt right at home. A close friend of mine also was a member and encouraged me to do a trial. The atmosphere and community here are welcoming and kind”. 

    Fitness Incentive is where Courtney discovered her love for Pilates; she goes on to say: 

    “Pilates was another practice I fell in love with, and it helped me get through a challenging time. I was lucky enough to have Dina for my first 3 Pilates classes. Since then, Dina has been a phenomenal mentor educating me in the practice and guiding me through the certification process. Pilates helped correct a neck injury I had for many years, along with many other benefits, which is why I chose to continue training to become an instructor and help others with chronic pain”. 

    When I asked Courtney: “what is your favorite thing about Pilates and Yoga” this was her reply:  

    “My favorite thing about yoga is that whatever practice I need is always there. We all show up differently each day; sometimes we need to flow through a Vinyasa and other days find stillness in a Yin class. My favorite thing about Pilates is the alignment and the amazing benefits of the practice.”

    Courtney is currently offering private, partner, and small group yoga and will soon be offering reformer training!

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