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What is Ultra Fit?

Ultra Fit, as the name implies, is a Personal Training program that is designed to transform your physique. We’re not talking just “getting in better shape”, we’re talking about a whole new shape, a level of fitness that probably exceeds anything you thought possible in effect, a whole new you – an Ultra fit you. Ultra Fit is not for the mildly committed, as you might have guessed. You will work with expert trainers and you will work at high levels of intensity. But in a remarkably short period of time (usually 3 – 6 months, depending on your goals), you will see a remarkable transformation in your physique and fitness.

How Does Ultra Fit Work?
Ultra Fit starts with a uniquely qualified trainer – a trainer who has been practicing the art of body transformation on himself and his clients for years. Ultra Fit shares the basic structure common to all personal training, but it differs in implementation, emphasis, and approach.

The Consultation
Every potential client will start out with a free consultation with an Ultra-Fit trainer. The trainer will interact with you to determine your transformation goals.They will also assess specifics about your physique, including skeletal structure, body type, muscle fiber distribution, and muscular insertion and origination points, to name a few. Based on this information, they will work with you to fine-tune your goals and establish a program and a time-frame in which they can be achieved.

The Implementation
The program itself includes both exercise and nutritional components. From a nutritional perspective, you will learn macro-nutrient ratios and their effect on your metabolism. As the program proceeds, more advanced concepts will be introduced, including nutritional templates for you to follow. The nutritional templates will help you to implement a detailed, sophisticated approach to diet with ease.

The exercise portion of the program can best be described as intense. But intense doesn’t mean you’ll be living in the weight room, because with the greater intensity will come greater efficiency. Your trainer will guide you to how often should you work, how hard should you work, and in what order should you work to obtain optimal results. You will also learn more advanced concepts such as compound versus isolated movements (and the appropriate order in which to employ them), and the type of cardio that you should be doing. Think of it as the rough equivalent of going to college, the college of your own body – because you will truly be learning from masters.

Ultra & Custom
Ultra Fit is a completely customized experience. The program itself is designed between you and your trainer, so it’s not one size fits all. On the contrary, it’s completely tailored to you and your goals. Even the length of the training package is specific to your situation and objectives.

It’s About Results
TJ Lynch has been transforming physiques – including his own – for many years. Literally tens of thousands of sessions with hundreds of happy clients. He knows what works and he knows how to get you outstanding results.

The Bottom Line is This…
Ultra Fit is an amazing opportunity to work an expert in physique transformation. He will help you get the exact custom physique that you are looking for, and they will do it quickly and efficiently. And with intensity. It’s not for everybody, but it could well be perfect for you. The consultation is free.

Stop in, call, or just click to request your free consultation. 

Meet the Ultra Fit Personal Trainer…

TJ Lynch

TJ Lynch is an ACSM & IFA certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor, and a former Long Island Natural Bodybuilding champion. His goal is to impact & improve the lives of others. He enjoys working with anyone that has a desire to learn and a desire to develop a healthier more productive lifestyle. TJ specializes in getting people of all ages in the absolute best shape possible. He is also an expert at showing his clients how to get the most of their time in the gym, as well as educating each individual how to fuel their body properly both before and after they workout. An aficionado and collector of vintage weight training equipment, TJ is one of Fitness Incentive’s most popular and successful trainers, and has been with us since 2008.

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