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Pelvic Healing Through Pilates

A Mat Pilates Workshop

Pelvic Healing

With Jen DeVane

Join Jen for Pelvic Healing Through Pilates—a mat Pilates (with props) workshop with a focus on core/pelvic floor restoration/function, core activation stabilization techniques and pelvic floor dysfunction prevention.

Fridays 10:30am-11:30am. August 5, 12,19, 26.
Members $100
Non members $120
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“This workshop will be great for anyone but particularly for postpartum women, older men/women, those who have undergone abdominal/pelvic surgery, and anyone who has pelvic floor dysfunction symptoms (incontinence, chronic constipation, diastasis recti/mommy pooch, and heaviness in the pelvis/pelvic pain just to name a few). The workshop would include basic information about the core and how it functions, as well as the common causes of pelvic floor dysfunction and what can be done to restore function (and prevent it in the first place). The physical/exercise portion of the class will include core activation/stabilization techniques, as well as applying this core work to general fitness and functional movement. All participants will be emailed the core/PFD info I discuss in the workshop, as well as some basic exercises that activate the core and improve core function.”

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