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HALOmask With Nanofilter Technology

The HALOmask — the most comfortable, stylish and efficient mask available —is a hand-washable, reusable mask that uses replaceable Nano Technology filters for maximum protection against a wide range of airborne pathogens, pollens & pollutants. HALOmasks can be worn for HOURS at a time thanks to superior design and an ultra-comfortable contour fit.

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Learn more about HALOmasks with this FAQ:

How effective is the HALOmask in stopping the Corona Virus?
While no facemask can guarantee 100% prevention of exposure to any virus, in testing, HALO Nanofilters proved effective at capturing over 99% of airborne particulates and pathogens down to 0.1 microns. By comparison, the Covid-19 virus measures approximately 0.125 microns in diameter.
Unlike most facemasks, HALOmask not only blocks the inhalation of droplets, particles and pathogens, but also prevents the exhalation of respiratory droplets by the wearer.

How often do I need to change my HALO Nanofilter?
For maximum protection, weekly replacement of filters for people in direct daily contact with the general public or people with higher-risk conditions are recommended. For regular and occasional use (such as commuting, shopping, traveling and gardening) replacing your mask filter every 2 – 4 weeks will keep it fresh and functioning efficiently.

What is Nanofilter technology and how does it make HALOmask more effective than other masks?
Nanofibers are extremely small fibers – more than a thousand times thinner than a human hair, and individually invisible to the human eye. Nanofibers form dense spider web-like structures which have an advantage over conventional filters due to their incredibly large surface area and miniscule pore size. In each HALOmask there are up to 15 miles (24 km) of nanofiber in each woven Nanofilter! The unique structure of this ‘invisible matrix’ physically captures virtually all airborne particles and pathogens – from smoke, dust, pollution and pollen to bacteria and viruses.

Is there any risk of breathing in nanofibers from my HALOmask?
The HALO Nanofilter is composed of a microscopic nanofiber matrix sealed between two layers of inert backing material. There is NO POSSIBILITY of inhaling nano-particles from a HALO Nanofilter.

Is the HALOmask certified or tested?
Yes! The HALOmask and nanofiber filters are tested and certified to Nelson Labs standards by Lanaco Labs to 99.7% particulate efficiency at 1.0 Microns, which exceeds N95 standards.

Will HALOmask fog up my glasses?
Every HALOmask includes an adjustable noseband which seals the mask around your nose and cheeks. When worn correctly, exhalation passes directly through the mask and not up into your glasses. If you experience fogging, adjust your noseband and renew your nose pad (available with replacement filter packs).

How do I put on my HALOmask?
1. Remove from packaging and unfold your mask.
2. Hold the mask up and locate the noseband in the bridge.
3. Hold the foam nosepad and peel off the backing to expose the adhesive strip.
4. Carefully fold nosepad into a V with the sticky side facing OUT
5. Insert the sticky side of the nosepad into the “V” where the nose will go into the mask.
6. Press nosepad firmly into mask for several seconds.
7. Place your mask with its flexible nose-band (and installed foam nosepad) over the bridge of your nose and gently bend to fit.
8. Pull straps over ears. To adjust the size of the ear loops, take off the mask, hold each rubber bead in turn, and pull each strap or both together to tighten or loosen
9. Pull the mask down to wrap under your chin
10. Continue adjusting straps and noseband for maximum comfort

What size HALOmask should I purchase?
In general, small fits kids from around 7 to around 12 or small women. Medium typically fits the average woman, teenager or smaller man. Large fits larger women and most men. Extra large fits people with big faces and heads.

How do I clean my HALOmask?
1. Remove the filter from its package or from the mask if replacing.
2. Fill a bowl or basin with hot water, add detergent to clean and disinfect the fabric. You may add some drops of activated oils such as tea-tree, eucalyptus or lavender to further disinfect. We do not recommend chemical disinfectants or alcohol be used on this product.
3. Submerge and agitate the mask, soaking for 10 -15 minutes.
4. If stained or soiled, use a small brush with soap or detergent to spot clean
5. Rinse mask in warm water, flick excess water off and pat dry being careful to not overbend or distort the internal noseband
6. Hang in the sun or a warm airy place to dry.
7. Once dry, replace with existing or new filter

DOs and Don’ts
– Pre-wash your mask if you are sensitive to new materials or smells
– Change the filter every 2-4 weeks (depending on conditions)
– Hand-wash your mask every few days (depending on conditions)
– Remove filter before washing, re-insert using instructions.
– Handle your HALOmask gently, folding when not in use.
– Carry your HALOmask in a loose pocket or bag when not wearing
– Tell your family and friends about HALO Mask!
– Bend the internal noseband more than necessary.
– Carry your mask in a back pocket in case you sit on it.
– Wash masks with filters or filters themselves.
– Clean in the washing machine.
– Re-use the filter if it has been washed

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