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Studio Yoga

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Studio Yoga

Fitness Incentive is proud to offer one of Long Island’s finest Mind & Body programs. Our Yoga program is a natural extension of our belief in a balanced approach to health, fitness, and life. Our dedicated studio and caring, experienced instructors will provide you with an unforgettable Yoga experience.

Non-Members are Welcome!
Single classes and multi-class packages may be purchased at the front desk.

Here is some of what we offer:

Yoga Workshops
We regularly offer special one time or short series Yoga (and Pilates) workshops. For the latest workshops, please click here. Non-members are welcome to all workshops.

Private Yoga Instruction
Work one on one or in a very small group with your own personal instructor. This is a great way to take your practice to begin your practice or deepen the practice you already have. Call, stop by the front desk, or email us for more details.

Fitness Incentive offers classes in a wide variety of Yoga disciplines. See class schedule and descriptions below…

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Yoga Class Schedule

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Yoga Class Descriptions

Yoga and Stretch Classes

Note: A yoga mat is recommended for all yoga classes.

Basic Beginner Yoga: A gentle class for those who are new to or have not practiced yoga in a while. Experienced students are welcome to refresh their practice. Class is at a slower pace with strong focus on alignment and breathing.

Cathy’s Stretch: Stretch class designed to induce deep relaxation and increase flexibility.

Chair Yoga: The chair is used for stability while doing gentle yoga poses and stretches. This class is suitable for all levels including people who have been injured or had surgery.

Core Balance: This class is designed to help improve balance and core strength.  Focus is on developing and recruiting smaller muscles to bring the body into centered balance, improving overall strength and coordination.

Core Fusion: This class combines movement with core strengthening and balancing Pilates and Yoga exercises, breathing techniques and conventional stretching.   Focusing on full body conditioning, strength, balance, and flexibility.

Eclectic Vinyasa: This is a well-rounded, multi-level, beginner-friendly class consisting of centering, pranayama and a continuing, changing mix of warm ups and strong asana, both seated and standing (no class is ever the same). Subtle guide meditation practices, chanting, hands-on assists and long deep relaxation to an eclectic mix of music.

Element Yoga: Working from the ground up in Earth stable and secure, flowing into Water to release tension stress and deep in into the waters of our hips. Moving on to Fire to strengthen our core, gut and will and open our hearts in the Air element gently relaxing our way to peace.

Essential Stretch: An om-free stretch class designed to induce deep relaxation and increase flexibility.

Explorative Yoga:  A fun, all levels, Eclectic Hatha Yoga class with gentle exploration into breath work (pranayama). Modifications will be offered to students based on their individual desires, making the practice more challenging or easier based on individual needs.

Form and Focus Hatha:  This class is good for all levels but best for beginners to intermediate students and also those recovering from injury.  Learn and reaffirm proper alignment/form of the postures, work on balance and strength, and regain mental focus and calm.

Happy Hour Yoga: For experienced practitioners. Lila is the Sanskrit word for play. This class is meant to stimulate the mind and body to ‘Wake Up’ while falling into Lila or time to ‘play’ with one’s personal Prana (energy). A  blend of Vinyasa, Hatha, Ashtanga, music, scent stimulation, philosophy, chanting and time for free flow practice.

Hot Fusion Yoga (and Hot Yoga Express): A new, innovative yoga class done in a room heated Between 85 and 99 degrees. Hot Fusion Yoga combines various styles of yoga influences including Ashtanga, Iyengar, Baptiste, Power and Hot (Bikram) Yoga.

I Balance: Class will build confidence, fluidity of movement and self-awareness of your body to help your daily activity.

Kripalu Hatha:  Focused on developing strength, flexibility, and relaxation.  Standing poses are emphasized in this system of Yoga.  You work according to the limits of your individual flexibility and strength.

Rise and Shine Vinyasa: This is a class that begins with centering, warm up and flow into asana, using your breath control. Includes a gentle relaxation.

Vinyasa (and 90):  Vinyasa means “linked by the breath.” Based on the Ashtanga practice of Yoga, with emphasis on proper body alignment and breathing.  Taught in a warm room. Bring a towel and be prepared to sweat.

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