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Cycle Studio

Cycle Studio

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Cycling Classes

Cycle @ Fitness Incentive Our cycling studio is a dedicated full-time cycling environment. We designed it to provide the best indoor cycling environment possible: dedicated environmental systems, an audiophile quality sound system, exciting black-light artwork, and 31 clean, well-maintained bikes.

Matrix IC7

Matrix IC7

Speaking of our bikes, they are the latest and greatest cycles available – the Matrix IC7. They provide a smooth, realistic riding experience. They also feature the “Coach by Color” system that lets you easily learn and control your functional threshold. As your intensity increases, so does the color on your bike computer, from White to Blue, Green, Yellow and Red. Finding and staying in the right training zone has never been easier. (see below)

Coach By Color console

Coach By Color console

Cycling in the Cycling Studio You have to see it to believe it! The cycling studio is a neon-on-licorice blacklight-lit cycling room highlighted by our one-of-a-kind blacklight glow in the dark cycling designs – a completely unique cycling experience. Convenience We offer more Cycling classes than any club we know of, with more than 40 a week to choose from. Classes are available 7 days a week, from as early as 5am through 7 pm. Free Childcare in our state-of the-art childcare center is available for virtually every class!

Cycling Class Schedule

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Cycling Class Descriptions

Cycle: Get it all with our classic 45-minute ride…hills, intervals, and endurance. Like all of our classes, this one is fun, challenging and designed to leave you drenched in sweat.

Cycle Classes Core Cycle: Your abs and lower back are the vital foundations from which all movement, including the pedal stroke, stems. Build a stable core with 30 minutes of cycling followed by core strength and stretch segment on the mat. A few moments of focusing on deep Abdominal and back strengthening moves followed by a mix of dynamic and static stretching to release stress and tension in the body and improve coordination and flexibility.

Cycle Fusion: Combine endurance and strength training in one class with the addition of barbell/hand weight exercises to improve power and muscle definition. This workout combines 30 minutes of cycling with 15 minutes of strength training on the bike.

Power Cycle (Hour and 30): This class is designed to take students through a high intensity interval-training course. An inspirational instructor will lead you through Tabata drills, spin ups, speed bursts, ladders and much more.

Rush Hour: Get in, get sweaty, and get on with your day. This 40-minute cycling class is designed to maximize calorie burn with minimum time.

Meet Our Cycling Instructors…

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Linda Cunningham

A dancer and fitness enthusiast since a young age, Linda Cunningham is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer…

Dawn Moore

Dawn Moore has cycled with Fitness Incentives since 2010. She is a Mad Dogg, Keiser, and Schwinn-certified Cycling Instructor…

Janet Lang

Janet Lang started teaching group exercise classes in NYC and has been a group exercise instructor at FI for twenty years…

Sharon Donnelly

Sharon Donnelly is one of FI’s original riders, teaching fitness and cycling for over 25 + years. Sharon likes to relate to her Cyclers…

Sal Terrusa

Sal Terrusa has been teaching cycle since 2004. He still loves waking up early giving a high energy fun ride turning on the lights seeing everyone with a good sweat!!!

Monica Sacco

When Monica Sacco first joined fitness incentive back in 2003 she gravitated to the Spin Room. Her first experience on the old Johnny G bikes was brutal…

Jourdan Brown

Jourdan Brown manages the Cycle program at Fitness Incentive. She has been teaching Cycle at Fitness Incentive since 2013…

Jamie Pitelli

Jamie Pitelli has been instructing cycle at Fitness Incentive for 10 years. Cycling is one of her favorite classes to lead.

Jamie Benedik

Jamie Benedik has been in the fitness industry for over 10 years. Being a former gymnast, physical fitness has always played an important role…

Devon Scott

Devon Scott has been teaching cycle since 2011. His goal is to motivate and challenge his class while keeping it fun.

April Morgan

April Morgan has been teaching Cycle at Fitness Incentive since 2001. She was a gymnast all through High School and College.

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