Fit to Print

Fit to Print

Highlights from the current and past issues of “Fit to Print”, our official newsletter since 1993.

It’s Not Just For Women

Get ahead of the curve – before long, the gender gap will be narrowing considerably.

Introducing Perk!

Introducing Perk ™, a Hydrafacial add-on service for your eyes and lips.  

It’s a Choice – Fitness, Like Happiness, Is Up To You

Let’s Get Fit – And Happy – in 2019!

Don’t Call It a Facial!

It’s Hydrafacial, and it’s anything but an ordinary facial…

Increase Your FTW!

If you’ve ever taken a Cycle class at Fitness Incentive, I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “Increase your FTW!” But what is an FTW?

Do You Stretch After Cardio?

The best time to stretch is right after your workout when your muscles are warm and pliable.


As corny as it sounds, forgiveness is a gift you give yourself. 

5 Salon Do’s & Don’ts

From the moment you sit down your hairstylist is making decisions about how to cut and color your mane.

Quest for a Dress

I was more and more disappointed with each arrival.  It wasn’t because of their color or fabric; it was the body they were trying to fit!

Ingredients of a Shake

I was asked to maybe ‘make something different.’ I was so frazzled – I had no idea what that ‘something different’ would be.