Fit to Print

Fit to Print

Highlights from the current and past issues of “Fit to Print”, our official newsletter since 1993.

My Ten Years at FI

Danielle looks back on her decade at FI.

Glute Lab

Kellie Meigel and Eileen Jacinth have teamed up to bring Glute lab to FI

Pop Into a Pop-Up Class

Ready to Try a Pop-Up Class? You’ll Love It!

Working with Kim

Kim Spinella has been nothing less than awesome!

Skin Healing Season

Summer Sun can be hard on your skin. Fall is the season for healing it.


When the contest ended, Charlene was due for a biennial bone scan. It revealed that the osteoporosis was gone…

Got Summer Skin Damage?

A PCA Peel can undo summer sun damage to your skin.

Extend Your Angles

Extend Your Angles for a Healthier and Stronger Body

Birthday Facial

With only three days to go before the event, I called Incentives Organic Spa…

Take Your Ride Outside

I am always surprised when I hear that some of my Cycle students do not ride a bike outside. The two go hand in hand!