Fit to Print

Fit to Print

Highlights from the current and past issues of “Fit to Print”, our official newsletter since 1993.

Behind the Glass Doors

Our customers have rated our Salon a 4.9 out of 5 stars. And you probably don’t even know we have one!

Iron Woman

Jillian Jacinth on the Road to Kona!

Chinese Medicine Tips for a Healthy Autumn

Learn the nature of each season and live in harmony with its spirit.

Mini Stretch Sequence

That’s Great for All Levels- Even Beginner

An Acne Treatment That’s Organic and Actually Works

It’s Here!

Pilates is for YOU!

Pilates can help heal many injuries and most definitely help you get stronger and leaner. 

I Can’t Quit You, Fitness Incentive

Christine Jelley is wildly independent but secretly longs for support.

A Couple’s Guide to Training Together

The Couple That Works Out Together Stays Together.

Fall Reset

Fall is a great time to set some new goals, detox from summer and to get back in a kick-ass routine.

Break Open Your Box

Take a second and think about all the times you have told yourself that you ‘can’t’ do something.