Fantastic New Machines


Look For The Ceiling Signs…

Because It Never Gets Old At F.I.!

Fantastic Machines And Where To Find Them

The state-of-the-art Octane XT1 Ellipticals and the exciting new Nautilus Glute Drive have arrived, and the two additional Matrix Climbmills are arriving Tuesday, April 2nd! Scroll down to learn where to find these awesome new machines, and look for the ceiling signs above them!

The Octane XT1’s are the first two ellipticals in the first row of the Rear Cardio Deck.
The Nautilus Glute Drive can be found on the main gym floor in the first row of plate-loaded weight machines as you look towards the doors facing Deer Park Avenue.
The two additional Matrix Climbmills will be located in the first row of the Forward Cardio Deck, bringing the total to four.

Select XTOne Features:
• 10″ glass capacitive touch screen
• Workout Boosters and CROSS CiRCUIT video coaching
• Web browsing, video streaming
• 21 workout programs and 30 resistance levels
• Wireless heart rate compatibility – ANT+ and Polar

Select Glute Drive Features:
• Upper body pivot bench provides full spinal stabilization and support
• Heavy reinforced padded waist harness provides optimal lifting application
• Oversized angled foot platform to accommodate users of all sizes
• Dual sided safety catch and release mechanism for ease of use
• Integrated resistance band pegs for modification of load curve

Select C7xe Climbmill Features:
• 16″ touchscreen display with FitTouch Technology
• Scale 21 world-famous buildings and monuments
• Optimized app interface
• Compatible with most smartphones
• Vista Clear Television Technology

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