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Eat Better Meals

It’s Never Been Easier to Eat Better Meals.

Fitness Incentive has long sought a healthy meal solution for members on the go who still want to eat right. Beginning in 2017, we partnered with Eat Better Meals (EBM) to provide exactly that – fresh, delicious, healthy, fully prepared meals that are ready to grab and go! EBM has returned and is better than ever with a new executive chef, fresher, better ingredients, and plant-based compostable containers, so no more plastic!

There are a couple of ways you can get your EBM meal.

@ the Skylite Cafe

The Cafe at Fitness Incentive will stock a selection of EBM’s favorites. Just stop by the cafe, pick out your meal from the EBM fridge and pay for it at the counter. It’s that easy.

Through the Eat Better Meals website

You can also choose to pre-order your meals, or even complete meal plans, through Eat Better Meals website. For your convenience, you can have your EBM meals delivered to Fitness Incentive, free of charge! So imagine this…you come to the gym, you get your workout in, pop a quick shower, grab your meal and go. Sweet!

Via our Mobile App…

For your convenience, you can also access EBM through the FI app. Click on the “Extras” tab and you’ll see Eat Better Meals listed right at the top. Just click and go.

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