Clean Eating Challenge


30 Days Of Eating Smart

with Rachel Ezelius, Registered Dietitian


The Holidays Can “Challenge” Your Waistline

The holiday season can be long and difficult for your waistline. What to do? Sign up for this never-before-seen 30-day, 3-phase clean eating plan! The plan has been designed to remove the BAD (sugars, processed foods, simple carbs) and focus on the GOOD (healthy fats, plants, and lean meats) with some fun surprises along the way. Space is limited and you will meet once per week for 3 weeks (3 45-minute sessions during the 30-days, then a final weigh-in at the end) to be weighed and measured and to receive the next phase of the Clean Eating Challenge Diet Plan. The group dynamic can provide a support system during the 30-day challenge…so grab a friend, loved one or co-worker and sign up today!

Sign Up Now Thru January 5th!

Groups Begin Meeting January 1st
3 Weekly 45-Minute Sessions
Final Weigh-in
$200 per person

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