Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions

Cardio, Sculpt, & Combination Classes

3D FIT: Based on Dr. Izumi Tabata’s powerful circuit training method. 3D-FIT is designed to burn fat, boost cardio endurance and athletic performance. Move through three dimensional, high-low movements.

Ab Attack: Intense, 15-minute abdominal workout.

Beginner Sculpt:  Floor work class using the step, weights, and apparatus of the instructor’s choice.

JM Bodyshred:
 Taught by a Jillian Michael certified instructor. It is weight training infused with metabolic resistance training in a 3-2-1 format. 3-minute resistance, 2-minute cardio and 1-minute of active recovery.

Boot Camp (& 45min): Basic military style training and drills. Intermediate level.

Booty Call: 30 min express class focusing on firming, lifting and building a perfect Booty.

Bridge Basics: The Superfunctional is a suspension training bar on the Queenax Bridge. Work on strength, flexibility, core, balance and mobility training.

Cardio Core: A cardio -based class designed to strengthen and develop your core body areas: abs, back, and buttocks.

Cardio KickDrill: Cardio kickboxing class followed by drills to strengthen and tone the entire body.

Cardio Kickbox Strength: High energy advanced class that combines aerobic kickboxing moves, balance work, weights and intense drills.

Cardio Strength: Cardio workout including weight work.

Circuit Burn: High-intensity workout focusing on strength building and muscular endurance. Tone your entire body and build your cardiovascular capacity with this fun and intense circuit training class.

Dance Blast from the Past: Beginner dance aerobic class.

Elevated Training: Class with weights on a step with the choice of a higher bench, increasing the intensity at which you work. The class focus is on legs and 3 upper body parts.

For the Core:  Class designed to strengthen and develop your core body areas:  abs, back, and buttocks.

Insanity: Is a cardio-based total-body conditioning program based on the principle of MAX Interval Training. Designed to push participants to new training heights, resulting in more calories burned, faster results, and a more efficient metabolism.

Interval Training: Advanced class with intervals of aerobics interspersed with the body bar or light weights.

Plyo Stretch: A fitness format that focuses on high intensity intervals of plyometric movements coupled with basic yoga postures as active recovery for your muscles. This class will increase your strength, power, endurance, fast-twitch muscle response, cardiovascular health, core strength, and flexibility.

PLYOGA:  is a 4 part intense interval system implementing fundamental, fluent and accelerated yoga postures as an active recovery for plyometric perfection. PLYOGA unites power explosiveness with balance and flexibility.

 Full-body cardio jam session, combining light resistance with constant simulated drumming while fusing cardio, Pilates, isometric movements, plyometrics and Isometric poses.

Power Barre & Power Barre Blast: Pilates-inspired core warm-ups through barre work to condition the legs and glutes, utilize light hand weights to strengthen the upper body, and end with yoga-based stretching.

Pump & Jump(and 45min): Class on the mini-trampoline alternating with light weights.

Pushin Plates: This class utilizes free-weight plates to enhance the calorie burn of cardio movements while increasing muscular strength and endurance.

Rebounding Strength: Cardio on the trampoline followed by intense leg, glutes, and ab work.

Sculpt:  Floor work class using the step, weights, and apparatus of the instructor’s choice.

Shakin It: All Levels. A hot, fun mix of cardio dance with strength training that combines light weights with funky dance moves. Burn while you boogie to pop, hip-hop, and Latin tracks!

Step: Class taught on an elevated bench.

Strength Challenge: High energy strength, core and cardio intervals that will tone and define your entire body.

Upper Cut: Intense upper body workout including core work.

Upper Cut and Core: Intense upper body and ab work.

Zumba: Party yourself into shape. It’s easy to follow, Latin inspired, calorie burning dance fitness.

Yoga, Pilates, and Stretch

Note: A yoga mat is recommended for all yoga classes.

Barre Fusion: This Dynamic Fusion class combines components of both Pilates Mat work and standing Barre exercises. This upbeat class brings together the principles of Pilates, Ballet and yoga to create a full body workout suitable for all ages and body types. Feel strong, stretched and worked all at the same time!

Basic Beginner Yoga: A gentle class for those who are new to or have not practiced yoga in a while. Experienced students are welcome to refresh their practice. Class is at a slower pace with strong focus on alignment and breathing. Room will be set at a moderate temperature.

Cathy’s Stretch: Beginner Level. Stretch class designed to induce deep relaxation and increase flexibility.

Chair Yoga: The chair is used for stability while doing gentle yoga poses and stretches. This class is suitable for all levels including people who have been injured or had surgery.

Core Balance: This class is designed to help improve balance and core strength. Focus is on developing and recruiting smaller muscles to bring the body into centered balance, improving overall strength and coordination.

Core Fusion: This class combines movement with core strengthening and balancing Pilates and Yoga exercises, breathing techniques and conventional stretching.   Focusing on full body conditioning, strength, balance, and flexibility.

Eclectic Mix: A multilevel class of warm-ups, pranayama and a blend of yoga styles. This class may include meditation, chanting, assists, aromatherapy, hip opening postures, and long deep relaxation. This room will be set at a warm to hot temperature.

Eclectic Vinyasa: This is a well-rounded, multi-level, beginner-friendly class consisting of centering, pranayama and a continuing, changing mix of warm ups and strong asana, both seated and standing (no class is ever the same). Subtle guide meditation practices, chanting, hands-on assists and long deep relaxation to an eclectic mix of music.

Element Yoga: Working poses from the ground up – Earth, stable and secure, flowing into water deep into the hips releasing tension and stress – Fire to strengthen the core, gut and will and opening our hearts in the Air element gently relaxing our way to peace. Room temperature will increase as class progresses.

Essential Stretch: This class incorporates functional and dynamic stretching with breathing and relaxation techniques. Simple, yet effective stretches designed to induce deep relaxation and increase flexibility. The room will be set at a moderate temperature.

Explorative Yoga:  A fun, all levels, Eclectic Hatha Yoga class with gentle exploration into breath work (pranayama). Modifications will be offered to students based on their individual desires, making the practice more challenging or easier based on individual needs.

Fit Yoga Flow: FitYoga is a dynamic fusion of Vinyasa Yoga, Core Toning exercises. A complete mind body spirit workout to release stress, tone up and sweat with pleasure.

Gentle Yoga: Beginner to multilevel class. Incorporating a gentle warm up, standing and seated postures with breath awareness and relaxation. The fourth Monday of every month is RESTORATIVE YOGA which includes postures with props which allow the body to renew and restore. Suggestion to bring 2 standard size pillows or a bolster, blanket, socks and small towel or eye pillow. Wear comfortable clothing to enjoy deep relaxation.

Happy Hour (60): Medium paced practice incorporating seated and standing postures, backbends, spinal twists and breathing techniques. An occasional ‘advanced’ pose may be explored for fun! Some yoga experience is recommended but not required. Room will be set at a moderate temperature.

Happy Hour 2 (90): For experienced practitioners. Lila is the Sanskrit word for play. This class is meant to stimulate the mind and body to ‘Wake Up’ while falling into Lila or time to ‘play’. This class incorporates  blend of Vinyasa, Hatha, Ashtanga, music, scent stimulation, philosophy, chanting and time for free flow practice. Room will be set at a warm temperature.

Hot Fusion Yoga (and Hot Yoga Express): A new, innovative yoga class done in a room heated between 85 and 99 degrees. Hot Fusion Yoga combines various styles of yoga influences including Ashtanga, Iyengar, Baptiste, Power and Hot (Bikram) Yoga.

Kripalu Hatha:  Focused on developing strength, flexibility, and relaxation.  Standing poses are emphasized in this system of Yoga.  You work according to the limits of your individual flexibility and strength.

Mat Pilates (& 45min): A class based on the movements developed by Joseph Pilates. Classes offer the perfect method of body conditioning for strength, flexibility and completely reshaping your body while developing deep core muscles.

Muscle & Mantra: All Levels. Vinyasa meets weights! Plan to flow on your mat to inspiring upbeat music while working arms, core, and squats!

Rise and Shine Vinyasa: This is a class that begins with centering, warm up and flow into asana, using your breath control. Includes a gentle relaxation.

Strength & Balance: Class will build confidence, fluidity of movement and self-awareness of your body to help your daily activity.

Strength Flow: 
Enjoy a combination of strengthening poses with gentle flow Vinyasa. This class covers a variety of yoga styles and levels. Great for all levels of practitioners from beginner to advanced. Room will be set at a moderate temperature.

Vinyasa (and 90):  Vinyasa means “linked by the breath.” Emphasis on proper body alignment and breathing. Modifications are shown to adjust to your individual needs. Room will be set at a moderate temperature.

Vinyasa Level 2:  Linking body, breath and mind through asana.  A flowing, moving practice.  Emphasis on proper alignment and breathing.  Chanting, mediation and teachings of the Yoga sutras may be woven throughout the class.  Room will be set at a warm temperature.

Cycle Classes

Cycle (and 30): Get it all with our classic 45 minute ride…hills, intervals, and endurance. Like all of our classes, this one is fun, challenging and designed to leave you drenched in sweat.

Limited Enrollment Programs (Registration and an additional fee is required)

Pilates Programs

Circuit Pilates Training: Choreographed to provide a total body workout utilizing the spring resistance of the reformers, towers, and chair as well as the arc barrel.  Up to six students may workout simultaneously on the equipment. The instructor will lead the class through a series of exercises ranging from beginning to advanced levels customizing each move in accordance with individual needs. Previous Pilates experience is required.

Jump Board Express: A Pilates-inspired cardiovascular workout using the jump board on the Reformer. Provides a fun, challenging alternative to rev up your cardiovascular system. Intense, efficient, low impact workout that raises the heart rate while working the core.  Previous Pilates Reformer experience is required.

Pilates Reformer: A small group (maximum 5 persons) course in which various exercises are performed on a Pilates Allegro Reformer. This course is designed to teach you deep muscle control and integrated muscle awareness, while reshaping and conditioning the entire body.

Extreme Programs

Fit Force.: Lifts, tosses, throws, pulls, jumps, twists, slams, squats Nowhere but FI!

Hard H.I.I.T.: Incorporates TRX, Suspension Training, Ropes, Bells, and High- intensity Interval Training/Cardio Drills.

Jump & Drill:  An invigorating and empowering workout incorporating kicks, punches and combinations with athletic drills.  You work with a partner using punch pads.

Power X Fit: Ropes, Viprs, TRX, more. Nowhere but FI!

6S: TRX, Bosu, and kettlebell drills. The next generation of fitness!

Speed School: Will incorporate workouts both in the gym and on the field with performance enhancing equipment to build speed and quickness

TRX Suspension Training: is a revolutionary method of leveraged bodyweight exercise. Hundreds of exercises build power, strength, flexibility, balance, mobility, and prevent injuries.

ViPR: 30 min FAST paced class using timed intervals with the ViPR’s. Exercises will raise the heart rate and challenge the body.

World Champion Workout: with Amy Lynch, the 2010 WNBF World Figure Champion, is an intense bootcamp-style workout focused on agility, cardiovascular, and weight training drills.