About Us…

Who We Are, Why We Are & Why You Should Join Us

Fitness Incentive Founder Corinne Brown

Founder and Owner, Corinne Brown

Welcome to Fitness Incentive!

Before we commence what we hope will be a long term relationship, you’d probably like to learn a little about us.

Fitness Incentive opened it’s doors as an “aerobics studio” way back in 1984. At that time we had no idea that we would ever grow into the full service health club that we are today. And while we had a lot to learn, there were a few things we got right, right from the start.

First off, we treated our members like family, and we still do. In fact, membership at Fitness Incentive is really more like joining an extended “fitness family” than a traditional health club. When you walk in, people greet you by name. You’ll notice an excitement in the atmosphere. That’s because it’s a place filled with people who enjoy being there, both members and staff. And you’ll experience a sense of community and warmth that you’re unlikely to encounter anywhere, let alone some big impersonal national gym chain.  No, there’s only one Fitness Incentive, and that’s by design, so that we could focus on doing it right. We run our business with passion and commitment, taking pride in the cleanliness and upkeep of the facility, while keeping the equipment and programs on the cutting edge. Truly, it never gets old at Fitness Incentive.

Many clubs today take the approach of sign ’em up and forget about ’em. Not us. We committed to making your exercise experience the very best it can be. We want to see you in the gym and we want you to succeed. Our reputation is made every day, with every customer. We take it very seriously. The impersonal big-chain corporate “fitness factories” can’t begin to match our commitment to our community, our members or to our staff. That commitment is the reason that we’re still here, and growing, after all these years. And it’s one of the best reasons for joining our club.

In the various pages of this website you’ll learn a little more about us. You’ll see that we’re a full service health club, offering all the equipment, classes, and amenities you’d expect. We’re also one of the most convenient, with long hours, free childcare, and lots of free parking just a couple of blocks from the Babylon LIRR station.

Visit Us!

Please take the opportunity to visit us and tour our facility. If you do, you’ll immediately notice the cleanliness, the friendliness, and the special feeling that’s hard to describe but immediately present. It’s what makes Fitness Incentive different and special, but words don’t do it justice. You must experience it first hand!

We hope you decide to join us. We know you’ll be pleased if you do. If there are any questions or problems we can help you with, please do not hesitate to call us at (631) 587-5766


Thanks for considering Fitness Incentive!