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Class and Clinic Descriptions, Calendar, And Pricing

Here are the current FITeen and FitKids class and clinic descriptions, calendar, and pricing models:

FitKids Classes  (ages 8-13)
Classes include 30 minutes on the cardio deck, followed by 15 minutes of strength and stretch movement. The goal is to instill a life-long passion for exercise.

FitKids Class Pricing
Walk-in – $15.00 per session
8 Sessions – $100 ($12.50 per)
20 Sessions – $200 ($10 per)

FITeen Student Athletes Clinics
Calling all student athletes: Playing a high school sport or training for your college team? FITeen can help. Sports-specific training and preparation for incoming freshmen is a specialty. Grades 7-12 Welcome!

FITeen Student Athletes Clinics Pricing
1 Clinic – $25, 6 Clinics – $120

Fitkids Birthday Parties:
Endless possibilities! Mini-trampolines, relay races, balloon volleyball, parachutes and more. 1 1/2 hours, available weekends. Includes pizza and juice.

FitKids Birthday Party Pricing
12 guests $275, each additional guest $12

FitKids – 3:15

FITeen Strength & Conditioning – 6:15
Tuesdays 8:00 pm, Fridays 9:30 am

FITeen Speed and Agility – 4:00
FitKids – 4:45

FitKids – 4:30
FITeen Strength & Conditioning – 6:15

FitKids – 4:30

FitKids – 8:15
FITeen Strength & Conditioning – 9:00

FitKids – 8:15
FITeen Speed and Agility – 3:00

For more information, contact Eileen via email
For more information, contact Jillian via email

Eileen Jacinth

Meet Eileen Jacinth, the Director of FitKids.
Eileen is a certified personal trainer, cycling instructor and aerobic instructor. She also holds provisional certifications in elementary and secondary education.